Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prefold Cloth Diapers 101

Have you ever considered cloth diapering with Prefold Diapers?  It's a little bit old-school, and it has a little bit of a learning curve, but it's also one of the most affordable ways to diaper your babies.  Prefolds are actually having a bit of a revival in the cloth diapering world, and there are many reasons why.  So. Let's chat about prefolds, shall we?

Prefold Diapers are made of natural fibers, and are sewn into rectangular pads with three sections, the most layers found in the center section.  These diapers are inexpensive, last a really long time, and have many uses.  They can be tri-folded and stuffed in pocket diapers, tri-folded and laid into a cover, or you can use one of many folding techniques to wrap the prefold around your baby and secure it with a pin or a Snappi then cover it with a PUL or Wool cover.

Flat diapers are similar to Prefolds, but there is a bit more of a learning curve.  Flat diapers are one big rectangle of fabric, no layers sewn in, and it must be folded quite a few times then folded around your baby. Lots of people really love flats, but prefolds may be a bit easier to start out with.

So why should you use prefolds?  Let's talk about some of many pros associated with prefold diapers.

*They're inexpensive.  Prefold and flat diapers start as low as $1.50.  That means that you can buy a stash of 36 prefolds or flats for as little as $54.00.  That is the cost of two or tree pockets or all in ones.  That's pretty amazing.

*They're made of natural fibers.  I'm a big fan of natural fibers.  They don't hold stink, they're easy to clean, and they're absorbent.  Natural fibers such as cotton are also much easier to clean and sanitize if your baby ever develops a problem with yeast, which can be a huge ordeal if you're trying to clean microfiber.

*They have so many uses.  Use your prefolds alone in a cover, tri-folded and stuffed in a pocket diaper,  and then once your baby is done with diapers, you can use your prefolds as cleaning towels!

If you are wondering just how to fold a pre-fold diaper, of course you can google it, but a lot of the brands that we offer also have illustrated tutorials that can teach you how to do the basic folds.

OsoCozy has some basic instructions-

And Bummis has a couple of pages of folding instructions Here.

I think it's pretty easy to see why prefold diapers are making such a huge comeback.  They're affordable, reliable, easy to clean, and natural.  What's not to love?  Now what are you waiting for?  Go pick up some prefolds and catch the love!

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