Friday, November 22, 2013

Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Care Products

If there is one thing that a new cloth diaper-er fears, I'd say it has to be washing those stinky, dirty, sometimes poop-covered diapers.  I know that was one of my top anxieties when I started cloth diapering.  There's a lot of conflicting info out there about what detergent to use, how many rinses you need, how much detergent to use... the list goes on.  Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules to diaper washing- what works for one water type may not work for another.  What works for standard machines may not work for HE top-loaders.  The list goes on and on.  It can take some experimentation, some time, and sometimes a few different detergents before you perfect your technique, but don't worry- you will find that sweet spot soon and it will be nice smooth sailing.

One great brand that I'd like to mention has a lot of the variables covered with detergents formulated specifically for different water types.  They take a lot of the guess-work out for you, and that is always a good thing.  Rockin Green has three different detergent formulas, cloth menstrual pad detergent, and odor fighting goodies.  They also have oodles of yummy scents to choose from.  After all, variety is the spice of life!

So- you have soft water.  Rinsing your diapers clean can be a beast with soft water, but Rockin Green has you covered with their Soft Rock soap.  It is good for 45 washes with a regular machine, or 90 loads with a HE machine.  Soft Rock is a really gentle detergent that will help you cut down on the amount of rinses you need to get your diapers nice and clean.  You definitely don't want to deal with buildup issues, so this is a really great thing!

If you have normal water (or aren't quite sure what kind of water you have), Classic Rock is probably for you.  It's Rockin Green's first formula, and it's safe to use on your diapers, your regular laundry, basically everything.  It also comes in some really delicious scents like "Smashing Watermelons" and "Motley Clean."  Really, you have to sniff these to appreciate just how amazing these smell.  The nice thing about the scents too is that they are not overpowering.  They won't linger on your diapers and clothes... it's just a little aromatherapy for you to enjoy while you're tossing your stinky diapers into the washing machine.

If you're like me and have crazy hard water, you need to try Hard Rock.  Formulated specifically for hard water, this will cut out a lot of your frustration with your diaper laundry, because this is a notoriously difficult water type to deal with.  It's made to get your diapers clean, packs a punch, and will rinse out the way you need it to.  If you are fed up with stinky diapers and hard water, give this a try.

Rockin Green also has some great options for dealing with diaper-related stinkiness in your bathroom/laundry room/wherever your store your diapers-room.  Their Melody Odor Neutralizer and Fragrance Spray is great for helping to clear the air, and the Pail Freshener will help cut the stink in your diaper pail or wet bag.

No one likes to smell dirty diapers once they're off of baby, so Rockin Green really is a lifesaver.  It's a great brand that has really taken the guesswork out of laundering your diapers!

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