Thursday, October 17, 2013

Natural Skin Care Products for Baby


Skin.  It's the largest organ on our body, it protects us from external forces, absorbs vital nutrients, and when you have a baby, provides a constant source of sweet-baby-smell-sniffing.  We go through great lengths to make sure our skin looks and feels great, so we don't want forget about our babies!  

When it comes to baby skin-care, sometimes less is more.  Their skin is sensitive, new, and needs natural TLC.  When your baby is a newborn you don't want to bathe them every day.  Their skin needs the natural oils they produce, especially in the winter time.  If however, you find your baby's skin is feeling a little bit dry, or even if they have some cradle cap, there are some great natural lotions and creams you can use.  

A big customer favorite is CJ's Butter.  It comes in several different forms, from a spritz, to a stick, a tub, and a tube, there's a convenient CJ's for every need.  CJ's Butter is available in a ridiculously delicious variety of scents, and while nothing can come close to that new baby smell, CJ's is a pretty yummy second.  It is a great natural alternative to store-bought creams.  The other fantastic thing about CJ's Butter is that it is cloth-diaper safe, so it has multiple uses.  You can moisturize your baby, moisturize yourself, help clear up diaper rash, and even help clear up cradle cap!  (To help with cradle cap just slather a little bit of CJ's Butter onto your sweet-one's little scalp and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, then gently massage, and wash clean.  It will probably take several applications, but I've tried it, and it works!)

While we're talking about cradle cap, Cradle Me from Dimpleskins Naturals (above) is a natural cream specifically formulated to combat those scaly fiends.  Made from a variety of natural oils such as palm oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E oil, and Lavender and Patchouli essential oils.  It will help you get rid of cradle cap, and make your baby's head smell heavenly.  

As we approach winter, don't forget about little lips.  Since babies tend to spend a significant amount of time nursing, eating, and possibly sucking their thumb or a pacifier, it is very possible that your little one may develop chapped lips at some point.  Instead of using harsh and unnatural lip balms that often contain alcohol which actually dries your lips, give Green Sprouts Organic Lip and Cheek Balm a try (above).  Organic Lip and Check Balm comes in a tin with a slide-off lid, and it's perfect for chapped lips and cheeks.  

Oftentimes taking care of babies can be difficult and confusing, but safe and effective skin care doesn't have to be.  With a great array of  natural skin care products to choose from, Thanks Mama has you covered.  You will probably love all of the lotions and creams so much that you'll ditch your more expensive, chemical-laden products in favor of these.  And why not!?  Moms used to dress themselves and their babies in matching outfits... matching scents is much more hip.

Happy baby-sniffing!


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