Thursday, October 3, 2013

Benefits of Wrap Baby Carriers: Maya & Moby

Motherhood is a difficult thing.  A million things pulling you in a million directions, and you have only two hands.  A baby who needs to be fed while you need to eat, dishes piling up in the sink, bills to pay, babies to rock, the list goes on and on.  The most amazing (and sometimes frustrating thing) about babies is that the just want to be in your arms.  They want to be close to you, skin to skin, heart to heart.  But for those times when it just isn't possible to lay in bed snuggling your little one, a great wrap carrier is a life saver.  There are many kinds of carriers, but wraps and ring slings are some of the best options for the newborn and baby stages.  I personally love them for the toddler years as well, but what I really love about these two kinds of carriers is that they are not bulky, and they hug baby nice and close.

Perhaps one of the best known brands of newborn-worthy wraps is the Moby Wrap.  These soft, stretchy wraps can be used from the time your baby is born until they are 35 lbs.  They wrap around your body and distribute the weight of your baby evenly across your shoulders, waist, and back.  These  cotton wraps let you carry your baby facing your chest, and on your hips when they get a little bigger.

Moby Wraps are a great option for squishy new babies because they safely and ergonomically position your baby's hips.  They are also great for moms because they come in so many beautiful colors, that you are bound to find one that fits your style.  Not only that, but you can feel great knowing that your baby is right where they want to be, and you can still get things done.

Moby also makes a great woven wrap called Docino Woven Wraps.  These function much the same as Moby's stretchy wraps, but will not stretch so they can hold babies from newborn to 60 lbs.  Made from organic cotton, Dolcino wraps are a breathable option that will grow with your baby.  Since Dolcino Wraps don't stretch, you can also carry your little ones on your back with them once your infant is confidently holding their head up (at least 6 months old).

Maya Wrap ring slings are another fantastic option when babies are small.  Ring slings are simple, user friendly, and super easy to use on the go.  In fact, ring slings are my personal recommendation for easy baby wearing when you are out and about in the day.  They aren't bulky, they don't have tons of fabric, and you can wear them slung around your body when you don't have baby in them without the sling getting in your way.

Maya Wraps and other ring slings are worn over one shoulder with your baby either facing your chest, facing out, on your hip, or even on your back.  Maya Wraps Ring Slings have a slightly padded shoulder for comfortable carrying, especially once your baby gets a little bigger.  Maya Wraps are a toddler-worthy carrier that can be used from 8 to 35 lbs.  The tail of the sling can even be used as a nursing cover, and there is a pocket that can hold your keys and wallet.

Any of these carriers will keep your baby calm and comforted, while letting you cook, clean, or just run some errands.  Once you become comfortable with your wraps, some moms even find that they can nurse in them on the go!

Wrap style carriers are a new-mom must-have, and will keep both you and your baby happy.  That is a beautiful thing.

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