Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wooden Learning Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are creative, curious, and developing little people who are constantly learning.  Shouldn't their toys help them learn and facilitate creativity while they play?  As a mom of a toddler, finding toys that are safe (ie- not all plastic), cute, and will keep my little learner's attention for more than ten minutes at a time can be challenging.  Some of my favorite toys to buy for her are wooden learning toys for toddlers.

One great toy that teaches fine motor skills, colors, and shapes is PlanToys Lacing Beads.  This colorful wooden toy comes with two laces and 30 wooden beads in different shapes.  Not only will your toddler have a blast threading the wooden beads onto the laces, but you can teach them about colors and shapes  as they pick up each bead.

For the budding math-wiz, PlanToys Fun Abacus can help your toddler learn to count on this colorful 10x10 abacus.  Little hands will have fun sliding the different colored beads from one side to the other as you help them learn numbers and basic math.  This is a toy that can help your child learn to love math, and that they can use for years.

Toddlers love to push things around the house, and of course make as much noise as possible while doing it.  PlanToys Push Along Elephant is an adorable little push toy that will have your toddler squealing with delight as they race around the house with their favorite new pachyderm.  It even makes a sweet sound as it's "feet" roll across the floor.

Another great motor-skill-developing toy is PlanToys Balancing Monkeys.  Your little one will have fun hanging monkeys on a cute little tree, and they will also learn about balance as the tree will sway from side to side if more monkeys are placed on one side than the other.  You will both have hours of fun as you calculate how the monkeys should be spaced in order to keep the tree balanced and level!

Blocks can provide hours and hours of fun for toddlers, but they're even more fun if they are brightly colored and beautiful!  Haba Fantasy Blocks are so colorful and pretty that you might find your self building castles while your toddler is napping.  The blocks even have sweet designs on them.  Your little guy or girl won't even realize that they're developing motor skills as they build castles all day.

PlanToys Build a Robot is a sweet little wooden robot that has four interchangeable heads that attach to a body with moveable arms and legs.  Each face has a different expression and emotion.  Have fun building robots and making faces with your toddlers to learn all about emotions.  Purchase several Robots and move their arms and legs to have a robot dance party!

PlanToys Sorting Bus is a happy yellow pull-toy that has openings in different shapes so that your toddler can learn to put the correct shapes in the corresponding openings.  Once all of the shapes are sorted into the bus, your toddler can pull the little sign on the bus, and all of the blocks will come tumbling out.  Now what toddler doesn't enjoy a good mess-making toy!? You can rest easily though, knowing that they are learning while they make a colorful mess.

PlanToys Stacking Bear is a sweet and colorful bear that your toddler will enjoy stacking higher and higher until the top where they will enjoy putting the happy bear's head on top.  This toy is made from rubberwood, and hasn't been processed chemically.  You can feel good about your child's safety if they decide to chomp on the wooden rings, and your toddler can feel a sense of accomplishment of stacking the bear correctly.

Thanks Mama has tons of really fantastic wooden toddler learning toys to choose from.  They will last through many children and be loved for years.  These are the kind of toys you save to pass on to your grandkids, and they will still be in perfect playing order.  As we're nearing holiday shopping time, make sure you keep these colorful toys in mind.

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