Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rumparooz: Care-Provider-Friendly Cloth Diapers

Are you a working mom?  Are you worried that cloth diapers will not be daycare/grandma/babysitter friendly?  This is a common concern that we hear a lot when new moms (or just parents in general!) are initially considering cloth.  With snaps there certainly can have a bit of a learning curve, and depending on your childcare provider, they may or may not feel up to the challenge.  That is why we recommend adding some really reliable aplix (think softer, stronger velcro) closure diapers to your stash.  When you bring these diapers stuffed and ready to go, they are just as easy to use as disposables, and really don't involve a learning curve at all.

Rumparooz Aplix Cloth Diapers are a fantastic option.  This one-sized pocket diaper will fit a really amazing range of weights, from 6-35 pounds, so while it will be a bit bulky on a smaller baby, it will also fit long after most other diapers have hit their chunk-limit.

Made with TPU waterproof outers (much like other pocket diapers that are made with PUL, but TPU will biodegrade in 4-5 years when composted), super soft hypoallergenic microchamois inner (like microfleece, but softer!), and patented double gussets inside, these diapers were made to contain heavy messes.  This makes them perfect for child-care providers.  Just tell them they won't have to worry about blow-outs, and I'll bet they will be more than happy to give them a go!

Rumparooz works with Aplix in France to give their diapers some of the strongest and most reliable closures on the market.  A lot of experienced cloth diapering parents sing the praises of Rumparooz aplix closures.  It will stand up to hundreds of washes, and has great laundry tabs to keep your diapers from snagging others in the wash.

To make your Rumparooz as daycare friendly as possible, make sure you always pre-stuff the pockets, set the snap-down rise to your preferred setting, and always send a wet-bag or two.  If your provider is on the fence about letting you bring your cloth diapers, offer to come a little early one day and do a quick demonstration about just how easy these diapers truly are.  Just fasten the aplix like you would a disposable diaper, and baby is ready to go!

You may also want to offer to deal with the poop.  Just tell your care provider to toss soiled diapers rolled up into your wet-bag.  Just as easy as disposables!  You will want to make sure that you tell the workers not to use conventional rash-creams with your cloth diapers, and always send a cloth safe cream with your diapers.  You may consider pinning a nice friendly note to the front of your diaper bag as a reminder as well. Most people will have no idea that a conventional rash-cream can cause quite a headache when it gets onto a cloth diaper.

I think your care provider will be surprised at just how easy cloth diapers can be!

The best part?  Right now Rumparooz Aplix Cloth Diapers are on sale!  When you buy 4, you get one free!  This offer is only available on their aplix one sized diapers, so it is a perfect time to stock up for your child's time at daycare.  With 12 beautiful and bright colors, I think these diapers are bound to become some of your favorites.  Make sure you don't miss out on this sale, it doesn't happen often, and it's a limited time offer, so stock up now on this easy, daycare friendly cloth diaper.


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