Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Soft Structured Carriers 101

Today let's talk about one of the must-have items for moms and dads- a really great soft-structured Baby Carrier!  Soft Structured Baby Carriers allow you to carry or "wear" your baby while leaving your hands free to do other things!  Sometimes in our house this is the only way the laundry or dishes get done!  They also provide a comfortable seat for your baby, and often help put them to sleep!  These carriers are versatile and safe, and allow for several different carries, even up through toddler-hood!

ERGObaby Carriers are one of the most popular and well known of the soft structured carriers.  Available in many different colors and prints, ERGObaby Carriers will fit babies from 7 to 45 lbs.  If you are going to carry your newborn, you will want to use the ERGObaby Infant Insert, which will safely position your newborn in the carrier.  As it's name would suggest, the ERGObaby Carrier is designed to support a proper seat for your baby.  This is really important.  It means that your baby is positioned in such a way that strain is not put on their growing hips.  A wide seat also allows for comfortable extended wearing as your baby grows into a toddler.  You can wear the ERGObaby carriers three different ways- in a front carry where baby faces you, a back carry where baby is facing the same direction as you, and a hip carry.

ERGObaby Carriers are also designed with comfort in mind for the wearer.  Padded shoulder and waist   belts help comfortably distribute weight on the parent's hips and shoulders.  The shoulder straps and waist belt are also highly adjustable and will fit most sizes, including a waist measurement up to 55 inches. ERGObaby carriers are safe and comfortable for both parent and baby, and a great option for a soft structured carrier.

Boba Baby Carriers (above) are another popular option for a great soft structured carrier.  Available in some really great prints and colors, Boba carriers are also designed for babies 7-45 lbs.  Boba Carriers are also ergonomically designed with a wide seat that will keep baby's hips aligned properly.  The Boba 3G features a really unique option, which is footstraps that are attached to the waist belt.  As your baby grows into a toddler, these footstraps will help a correct hip position and give them the opportunity to be as comfortable as possible and align their spine properly.

Boba Baby Carriers are a little bit taller than most, which will keep your baby and toddler's head supported and keep the wearer more comfortable.  The Boba Carriers also feature padded shoulder straps and waist belts that are fully adjustable and distribute weight evenly for the wearer.

TogetherBe Baby Carriers (above) offer two different styles of soft structured carriers that are designed for support and comfort.  The TogetherBe Free Hand Mei Tai Baby Carrier is a lot like the other soft-structured carriers mentioned, but instead of a buckle system, it is tied around the wearer.  It has a main panel of print fabric, padded shoulder straps, and two waist straps that are not padded.

The TogetherBe Free Hand Baby Carrier has a unique cross-over design that allows for a fully customizable fit, and a lot of wearing options.  It has a padded headrest for your baby, and a padded waist belt for you.  The cross-over straps let you wear your baby from birth on with no additional inserts needed.  They also allow you to front carry your baby, either facing out or in, back carry, and newborn carry.  It will hold children from 8-35 lbs.  It really is a unique carrier with a lot of possibilities.

Last but not least, Onya Baby Carriers (above) are sporty soft-structured carriers that can also be used as a travel baby-seat for times when you find yourself in need of a high-chair when there are none to be found.  Onya Baby Carriers can be worn in a front or back carry and will fit babies from 15 to 45 lbs, so they do start at a higher weight than the others we've featured today.  The back of the Onya Baby Carriers are higher than many other carriers, which means your baby's head and neck will be well supported.

Onya Baby Carriers feature two different styles of carriers, one of which is great for hot weather or out-door baby wearing.  Both are padded and adjustable and each style has two different color options available.  These are great carriers that ergonomically support your baby with a wide seat and high back.  They will be comfortable for you and your baby for a long time.

It's easy to see why a great soft-structured carrier is a must have for parents of babies and toddlers.  They keep your baby close while still giving you the freedom to get things done, and when you are a busy parent, that is a priceless combination.

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