Thursday, August 1, 2013

HABA Baby Toys

Baby toys are getting more and more high-tech.  There's no denying it, and it's hard to escape the beeps, lights, and noise.  If your baby is like mine, however, those toys will only hold their attention for a short time, then they'll reach for the errant pen they find dropped on the floor.  Babies like bright colors and simple toys that they can mouth, throw, and manipulate.  Moms like natural and safe toys that they won't have to worry about their babies chewing on.

HABA toys will make both babies and parents happy.  They are bright, chewable, non-toxic, and safe.  They're simple enough that your baby won't get frustrated playing with them, but they also have lots of possibilities for play because of that simplicity.  HABA toys are great for growing your child's imagination, and allowing for creative play.  They even have toys for toddlers!

For young babies, HABA makes adorable wooden rattles such as this Kringelring Rattle.  The open shape makes it easy to grasp, and the bright colors will keep baby's attention for quite a while.  Not only that, but the non-toxic water-based stained wood toy will double safely as a teething ring.  The Kringelring Rattle has wooden pieces threaded on an elastic ring, which will let your baby have some fun manipulating the rattle's shape.

If you need some safe and fun rattles or toys to attach to your baby's car seat or stroller, HABA makes Hanging Rattles that are both Cute and Entertaining.  These wooden hanging rattles make fun clacking sounds when the wood hits each other, and some have small bells that will keep your baby's attention with sweet soft jingling.

Once baby is a little older and developing their fine motor skills, HABA's My Very First Games- Animal Upon Animal stacking game is a great option.  This game lets your baby stack cute farm animals like pigs, sheep, and cows on top of one another while keeping score on the base of the toy.  It's great for developing coordination as well as learning about games with rules.  Not only that, but the cute little animals are chunky enough to be played with on their own.

There are many great HABA toys to choose from for your baby, and all are a safe option for play.  These high quality toys will become beloved play things to both baby and mom alike, and you will feel good providing your child with toys that will last.  One day they may even be able to pass their favorite HABA toys on to their own children.

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    The ever so popular rubber ducky and other rubberized animal shaped toys are quite helpful during bath time. These toys are great for keeping your baby's focus on them rather than on bathing itself.


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