Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bambino Mio Cloth Diaper Care Products

Have you heard of Bambino Mio yet?  Chances are you've heard the name in passing but don't know much about this UK brand of cloth diapers and accessories, but today we are going to change all of that!  Thanks Mama is happy to be able to offer this great brand to all of you cloth diaper lovers out there.  So first let's find out a little bit about this brand, and then we're going to cover two great laundry options offered by Bambino Mio.

Founded in 1997 by a husband and wife team, Bambino Mio started as a mail-order business.  Now in 2013 Bambino Mio is sold in stores all over, and has earned over 50 consumer awards.  Bambino Mio makes diapers, swim diapers, trainers, potty training supplies, and laundry accessories.  Long story short, Bambino Mio offers  basically everything you need to cloth diaper your baby!  So let's learn about their laundry solutions offered here at Thanks Mama.  

Bambino Mio Miocare is a cloth diaper safe laundry detergent that is made from plant and mineral based ingredients, so it's natural and a green choice.  It is also safe and effective if you wash your diapers at low temperatures.  Bambino Mio Miocare is free of enzymes, optical brighteners, and dyes.  It has a nice natural lavender scent and is safe for sensitive baby skin, which is important when you are taking care of a tiny new baby.  Miocare is great to use on your baby's diapers as well as clothes and towels, and it will leave all of your laundry clean and fresh.  One 28 oz box of Miocare will wash up to 10 loads of cloth diapers or laundry.  

Bambino Mio Miofresh is a laundry additive that will sanitize cloth diapers and keep them smelling clean and fresh.  If you have been battling stink issues, this might be just what you have been looking for.  Miofresh is designed to kill germs without using hot or warm water.  Just add one scoop to your normal detergent and wash as usual.  When your diaper laundry is all done, you will have clean and germ-free diapers for your baby.  Miofresh, like Miocare is free of enzymes & optical brighteners, and it contains no chlorine bleach or perfumes.  Each container of Miofresh will contain enough for about 50 loads of laundry.

If your cloth diaper laundry routine isn't cutting it, try Bambino Mio.  Their safe, effective detergent and sanitizer may be just what your diapers need.

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