Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spotlight on Kissaluvs


There are a lot of great cloth diaper brands out there, and we know it can be overwhelming to research them all.  That's why today we are spotlighting a well-loved brand that offers high-quality cloth diapering products to cover every aspect of your cloth diapering needs.

Kissaluvs are probably best known for their great fitted diapers, but did you know that they make everything from fitteds, to all in ones, to wet-bags?  Whatever you need, Kissaluvs has you and your baby covered!  Let's take a look at some of the great products they offer, and some of the fantastic deals you can get on Kissaluvs from Thanks Mama!

Kissaluvs Fitted Diapers are available in two sizes- size 0 which is made to fit newborns up to 15 lbs, and size M/L which will fit babies more like a one-sized diaper from 15 to 40 lbs.  These fitteds are really absorbent, which makes them perfect for heavy wetters and for naps and night time.  They aren't waterproof, so they do need a cover.  You don't want to forget that step or you're going to walk in to a very wet mattress in the morning!  Kissaluvs fitted diapers are made from a super soft cotton fleece and have a hidden microfiber soaker.  The entire diaper is absorbent, which is what makes it such a fantastic night time diapering solution.  They come in unbleached cotton as well as some really cute colors.  The size 0 fitteds feature a snap-down umbilical cord zone to help protect those tiny navels and keep them nice and dry.

Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diapers are perfect for overnight fitted diapers.  These super absorbent diapers are made out of certified organic cotton and hemp, which is a naturally anti-bacterial fabric.  Hemp is an excellent choice for overnight diapers because it is so absorbent, and the fact that it is anti-bacterial means that you will not deal with the potential stink issues that you would with man made fibers.  We all know those night time diapers can be a little on the potent side when your baby wakes up from a full night's sleep, so natural fibers like organic cotton and hemp are a perfect choice.  These fitted diapers are also available in newborn and M/L, and have a snap-in soaker for extra absorbency for heavy wetters.  This diaper also requires a cover as it is not water proof.

Kissaluvs Countour Diapers  are an economical fitted option.  These diapers are made of cotton fleece with a sewn in microfiber soaker and have elasticized leg openings, but no snap closures.  You can put these on your baby and simply cover it with your PUL or wool diaper cover, or you can use your closure of choice.  Snappis, Pins, Boingos, all of these will keep your contour diaper closed.  To adjust the rise of the diaper, you simply fold down the front or back of the diaper.  These also come in unbleached and colored cotton.

Kissaluvs Diaper Covers are the perfect way to cover up your fitted or contour diapers, and there are several great options to choose from.  Kissaluvs Wool Lover Diaper Covers are a great night time option because it is natural and breatheable, lets air circulate, and will help baby's bum stay free of rashes.  It will also help absorb any leaks while keeping your baby's clothes and sheets dry.  Best of all- wool covers can go up to 2-3 weeks without being washed as long as they aren't soiled with solids.  They do require hand washing and some special care, but as you don't have to wash often, it's not all that much more difficult than  PUL covers.

Speaking of PUL covers- Kissaluvs has several to choose from.  There's the Marvel One Size Diaper Cover, Prorap Classic Diaper Covers, and Kissa's Kutie Printed Diaper Cover.  All are waterproof and will keep your little one's clothes clean and dry.  If the cover isn't dirtied with solids, you can even wipe it down and use it for the next fitted!  It's economical, and easy.

The last thing I want to highlight (although there are many more great products made by Kissaluvs, so make sure you take a look around and explore a little bit!) are the Kissaluvs Antibacterial Pail Liners.  You've got to have a place to store all those dirty fitteds and covers, right?  Kissaluvs Antibacterial Pail Liner is made of water-proof PUL so that it keeps everything contained inside of the bag, and it's treated with an anti-microbial effect to keep your pail smelling fresh and clean.  These Pail Liners can hold a couple dozen dirty diapers, and the elasticized top will keep the liner nice and snug around your diaper pail.

The best part?  When you buy a Kissaluvs fitted or contour package of 6 or more, you get a free cover! You can choose from Bummis Whisper Pants, Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, Or Proraps.  That's everything you need to get started at a great price.  Also, for a limited time you can get $10 back through a mail in rebate when you purchase $100 or more of Kissaluvs products by July 2nd!  You can get all of the details and access the form here.  So go go go!  That makes a great deal even better, and you don't want to miss out!  Kissaluvs are a great way to diaper your baby, and now is the time to stock up!

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