Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Potty Training Pants and Overnight Training Pants

Is your baby showing signs that they're ready to ditch the diapers and use the potty?  For cloth diapering parents, that can bring up some mixed emotions.  On the one hand- no more spraying poop into the toilet!  On the other- no more cute fluffy diapers!  Well moms and dads, I'm going to tell you about some adorable potty training pants and reusable overnight training pants that will help both you and your baby transition out of their cloth diapers and into those cute princess or superhero undies.  With a lot less bedwetting in the mean time!

There are quite a few brands of super cute and super functional reusable potty training pants available at Thanks Mama, so let's go over a few of them and help you figure out what will work for you!

Bummis Training Pants are a lot like underwear, so these might be just what you need if you have a little one who is just over diapers.  Bummis Training Pants don't have hip snaps, they pull up and down like real underwear, so your little one will feel like a big kid in these training pants.  These training pants come in white and a cute gender neutral print.  They're waterproof with a cotton-hemp inner that will help your child recognize wetness when they have an accident.  They're not as absorbent as cloth diapers, so they may not be the best choice for overnight wear if your child doesn't sleep through the night without wetting consistently.  The absorbent core is a layer of microfiber and a layer of long loop cotton terry.  As an added bonus, Bummis Training Pants are made in North America!  They are produced in Canada, and they try to source as many of their materials as possible from North America.

Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Training Pants are another underwear-like option.  These training pants were actually designed to fit a loosely so that your little one can pull them up and down by themselves easily.  We all know that how quickly a little one is able to pull their underwear off can mean the difference between going potty in the toilet or on the floor next to it.  It's pretty much across the board that they will wait until the very last minute to tell you they've got to go!  Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Training Pants are waterproof, and have an inner layer of knit cotton to cover the 2 layers of absorbent core.  The cool thing about Potty Scotty and Potty Patty training pants is that the Potty Scottys are padded with extra absorbency in the front where boys need it most, and the Potty Pattys are padded in the middle where girls need it most.  They'll contain the mess while still allowing your little one to feel wet so they will want to potty train faster.  These training pants are recommended more for day time or for more consistently dry little ones.

Mother Ease Training Pants are a really cute pull-up training pant option.  They come in a variety of prints, and while they are waterproof and have a layer of cotton terry inside to help absorb messes, they are quite a lot like underwear.  These training pants offer light protection against accidents.  They are easily pulled up and down by your toddler, and have fully elasticized leg openings.

Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Night Time Training Pants are a more night-time specific training pant.  They are much more absorbent than day time training pants, and while they are still easily pulled up and down by your little potty-trainer, they also have hip snaps for easy accident cleanup.  This is great if they have a messier accident at night.  They're waterproof with an inner of soft terry cloth and an absorbent inner core of fiber sponge.  These trainers are a great option for naps and night time, jut keep in mind that while they are absorbent, you do need to change your child after one accident.  They probably wouldn't hold an entire night of accidents.

Mother Ease Bedwetter Pants are a good option for night-time potty training.  They are much more absorbent than their training pants, and have an absorbent soaker panel that is separated from the cover at the leg openings.  This means faster drying time, which is great.  They still look a lot like underwear and can be pulled up and down by your toddler.

There are several more types of reusable potty training pants available at Thanks Mama, but hopefully now you have a good idea of what is out there without feeling totally overwhelmed.  So be prepared for the day your little one makes their move to potty train and stock up on a few day time training pants and night time cloth training pants.  Once they have the urge to start, you don't want to lose momentum!

Good luck!

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