Thursday, September 27, 2012

What are the best washable nursing pads?

I nursed my babies for 7 years.   By that I mean that the total time I spent nursing all my children combined was 7 years.  Nursing was enjoyable for us, but not without painful moments.  More and more parents are choosing to breastfeed their infants.   Right now approximately 75% of mothers in the United States breastfeed their newborns with more parents deciding to give their little ones the benefits of breastfeeding.  Along with the benefits can come some difficulties.  Sore nipples are one of those.  When you are breastfeeding it is important to allow air to circulate around your nipples.  Using nursing pads that are breathable can help reduce problems.   Cotton, hemp, and wool fabrics make good nursing pads because they are breathable. 

Some of the best washable nursing pads are made from 100% cotton.  Cotton is not only comfortable, but it is also breathable making it an excellent choice for nursing pads.  When you use cotton pads make sure you change the pads when they are wet.  Thanks Mama offers three different kinds of nursing pads that are made of 100% cotton.  The Kushies Washable Nursing Cotton Pads are made from 4 layers of contoured flannel.  The Kushies Organic Cotton Nursing Pads are also contoured, but are made from 4 layers of certified organic cotton flannel.  Imse Vimse also makes an organic cotton nursing pad.  The Imse Vimse Organic Flannelette Nursing Pads are contoured 100% organic cotton flannel nursing pads.

Hemp is another excellent choice when considering the best washable nursing pads.  Hemp is naturally breathable, absorbent, and anti-microbial.  If you soak nursing pads easily then you will definitely want to consider nursing pads made from hemp.  Milk Weeds Nursing Pads from Hemp Babies are made from a mixture of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.  Babykicks makes two different versions of hemp nursing pads.  The Babykicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads are made out of 5 layers of absorbent hemp jersey while the Babykicks Hemp Fleece Nursing Pads are a thirsty 3 layers of hemp fleece.

Wool is an excellent choice to help maintain breast health while nursing.  Wool is naturally absorbent, breathable, and antimicrobial making it a good choice when considering the best washable nursing pads.  Imse Vimse combines the benefits of wool with the comfort of silk.  Silk is naturally antimicrobial and has the added benefit of helping your breasts stay dry and comfortable.  Imse Vimse offers Silk Wool Nursing Pads in three sizes to meet your needs.  They have two options in a circular shape that come in a 14 centimeter size and an 18 centimeter size.  The Imse Vimse Silk Wool Nursing Pads also come in a pear shape. 

Breathable nursing pads are the best washable nursing pads.  Whether you are planning to nurse a long time or a few weeks make sure you have nursing pads that are highly breathable.  Take a look around at the different options at Thanks Mama.  Read the descriptions of the nursing pads, reviews from mothers who have used the nursing pads, and look at the pictures to help you decide which nursing pads would work best for you.  


  1. There are a wider variety of biodegradable, healthier disposable options on the market now but they’ll cost more.

  2. My favorite were my Danish Wool breast pads. They are larger than other pads, which actually made them LESS visible under my clothes, and they felt great. I accidentally shrunk one in the wash, but I'll be buying a new pair for my next baby!


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