Monday, September 17, 2012

What Are the Best Reusable Nursing Pads?

Not all reusable nursing pads are equal.  The best reusable nursing pads will be absorbent, discrete, and breathable.    A good nursing pad will allow you to walk around in confidence that your shirt will stay dry.  With so many different choices out there it is difficult to know which one will work best without giving them all a test drive.  In situations like that, I find it helpful to read reviews.   At Thanks Mama mothers have written reviews on various nursing pads and the two that are highly rated are made from hemp.  The Babykicks Hemp Nursing Pads and the Milk Weeds Hemp Nursing Pads were considered good choices by reviewers.

The hemp used to make reusable nursing pads is industrial hemp and not marijuana.  The plants used for industrial hemp and marijuana are in the same species, but a different variety of plant.  Environmentally, hemp is a great choice because growing hemp is good for the soil, it is a high-yield plant, and it does not require the use of chemicals to grow.  Hemp works well for nursing pads because it is naturally anti-microbial.  This means it naturally resists bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew.  Hemp is also more durable than cotton and is one of the best renewable resources on Earth.  It is also naturally breathable keeping you warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer.

Babykicks makes two different versions of hemp nursing pads.   The thin and soft Babykicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads are made out of 5 layers of absorbent hemp jersey.  The Babykicks Hemp Fleece Nursing Pads are made out of 3 layers of super absorbent hemp fleece.    Both versions measure 4.5 inches in diameter and will shrink slightly when washed.  A mother in Florida said that the Babykicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads were discrete while a mother in Maryland said that they were “super absorbent, soft, and comfortable”.  They come in a pack of 6 nursing pads.  The 6 pack of Babykicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads are only $11.85 and the 6 pack of BabykicksHemp Fleece Nursing Pads are $12.95 at Thanks Mama.

Milk Weeds Nursing Pads from Hemp Babies are ranked as one of the best reusable nursing pads at Thanks Mama.  They are made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.  Designed to absorb they work well for women who are super soakers.  Their design allows them to dry quickly too.  A mother in Indiana reported that they are “comfy, super absorbent, and easily hidden when wearing bravado nursing bra or tanktop”.   Thanks Mama offers a 2 pack of these thirsty nursing pads for $6.95.

Hemp is an excellent material for nursing pads.  It is absorbent, breathable, and anti-microbial.  Read a few reviews as you consider which nursing pads would be the best reusable nursing pads for you.  Thanks Mama not only offers hemp nursing pads from Babykicks and Hemp Babies, but they also offer nursing pads in cotton and wool fabrics from brands like Kushies, Kissaluvs, and Imse Vimse.  


  1. Good post - Reusable pads make a great shower gift as well. Disposable ones aren't economical AND they can leak the toxic absorbent beads (same as in disposable diapers) onto boobs and therefore into baby's mouth. :(

    My fave nursing pads were my Danish Wool breast pads. Unfortunately I accidentally put one in the dryer, so I'll have to buy new ones. The biggest key to pads that don't show is actually to have BIGGER pads, I've found. My cotton Medela breast pads would always show through because they didn't wrap around my boobs.

  2. When you are looking for a type of breast pad to use, the main thing to consider is the absorbancy level. Just like with cloth nappies, your breast pads need to be able to absorb however much milk you are leaking out.


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