Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Save Money with Reusable Potty Training Pants

Everyone wants to save a little money.  In this economy, some people need to save money.  No one really knows how long it will take to potty train a child.  Some children train quickly and others take a long time.  Using reusable potty training pants instead of disposable training pants will save you money and help your child potty train sooner.

The cost of disposable training pants can depend on the brand you use and how long your child needs to use them.  Let’s take the example of an “average” child.  If this child used disposable trainers for 6 months on average of 4 times per day it would total 720 disposable training pants.  If you purchase a name brand Value Pack then you can get a disposable training pant for about 0.32 each.  This would make the total costs for the disposable training pants for this average child to be around $230.  If you pay for curbside pick-up of garbage and are charged by the amount of garbage you have this will also increase your costs.

The cost of reusable potty training pants can also vary depending on the brand you purchase.  You will typically need about 6 trainers for potty training.  If you go with 6 Kushies Taffeta PottyTraining Pants for day training it will cost about $53.  You would later need some night time training pants like the Potty Scotty or Potty Patty Night Time Training Pants.  If you get 2 of those they will cost around $32 making the total for day and time training to be around $85.  If you go with a pocket diaper option you can get 6 Kissa’s Pocket Trainers for around $78.  If you get 6 prefolds to add to the pocket for absorbency you would pay an additional $16.50 making your total for this option to be around $94.  If you go with a more expensive option like the GroVia My Choice Trainer and purchase 6 of them your cost will be about $114.  Add 6 prefolds to that total and the total cost for the GroVia pocket trainer with prefolds is $130.  All of these options come in far below the cost of disposable trainers.  Even bigger savings come when you reuse the same training pants for additional children or when you sell them after your child is trained. 

Not only will you save money with reusable potty training pants, but you will also prevent approximately 720 disposable trainers from getting into the landfill.  Many children also take longer to potty train when using disposables.  Disposable trainers have started to imitate the benefits of cloth by adding a feel wet strip.  Feeling wetness and the association with the urge to go is a major milestone in the potty training process.   Using cloth can make the process happen sooner.  Reusable trainers also look and feel more like underwear making the transition to potty training more significant for your child.

When you choose reusable potty training pants you will save money and help your child potty train faster.  Thanks Mama offers training pants from brands like:  Flip, Bummis, Dri-Line, Fuzzi Bunz, GroVia, Imse Vimse, KaWaii Baby, Kissaluvs, Kushies, Mom Innovations, Mother Ease, and EcoPosh.  Take a look at the different options and decide which one suits your family and your pocketbook the best.  

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  1. I took a look at Thanks Mama and was surprised at how reasonable the prices are for the reusable training pants. Thank you!


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