Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where Can I Find Cloth Training Pants Reviews

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away a little boy begged his parents to buy him some training pants so he could start learning how to use the toilet.  The parents were quite surprised at the request considering their son’s age so they jumped on the computer only to discover the vast amount of choices available.  They began to wonder where they could find cloth training pants reviews.   They were happy to discover numerous cloth training pants reviews at Thanks Mama.  Three brands popped out to them because they all had lots of reviews that spanned several years.  The Bummis Training Pants, the Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants, and the Kushies Taffeta Training Pants all had multiple reviews from parents all over the USA.

Bummis Training Pants have a soft knit exterior with an inner waterproof barrier.  The inner flannel layer and three layers of terry padding help absorb accidents.  Reviewers from 13 different states gave their opinions on this training pant and all together it was ranked as 3.8 stars out of 5 stars.  The negative reviews tended to report that this training pant could wick or leak.  A mom from Michigan said “These do hold a lot of pee, but if it is a-lot, they should be taken off immediately. Otherwise it will wick around the legs and their clothes might get wet.”  The positive reviews reported that these training pants were soft, comfortable, and easy for the child to pull up and down.  A parent in Arizona said “They are very easy for young children to pull on and off and work great. We've tried several training pants and these have a much higher absorbency and better fit than any other pant we tried.”

Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pants have comfortable cotton on the outside and organic terry on the inside with a layer of waterproofing sandwiched in between.  Reviews from 2 countries and 10 different states reviewed these training pants and ranked them as 4.9 out of 5 stars with no negative reviews.  Parents commented positively on how these comfortable training pants look and feel like real underwear.  A mother in California reported that these training pants “are thick and comfy and don't leak w/small accidents.”  Another parent in Oklahoma said “These training panties looked great on the Internet and they truly surpassed my expectations when I received them in the mail. They are so comfortable on our little girl and so easy for her to get up and down.”

The Kushies Taffeta Training Pants also received many reviews at Thanks Mama.  These cloth training pants have a waterproof exterior, an inner layer of flannel, and a soaker made from a mix of polyester and viscose.  Reviewers from 15 different states ranked this training pant as 4.2 out of 5 stars.  One parent in Florida reported that her daughter refused to wear them.  She thought it was maybe because “they're too tight, or maybe she doesn't like the quiet crinkly sound of the material, or maybe she just doesn't like the feeling of wet underpants.”  A positive review from California said “The lining is soft and surprisingly very absorbent (for daytime use). The different fabrics used make it even more fun for my daughter to use and I had fun picking them out. “

While you will probably never have a child who will beg you to buy cloth training pants, you will likely find cloth training pants reviews very helpful when determining the best training pants to suit your child.  Thanks Mama offers training pants in brands like Bummis, Dri-Line, Flip, Fuzzi Bunz, GroVia, Imse Vimse, KaWaii Baby, Kissaluvs, Kushies, Mother Ease, EcoPosh, and Mom Innovations.  Take a look around Thanks Mama and read the cloth training pants reviews written by parents like you to help you find the best training pant for your child.

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