Thursday, August 23, 2012

What are the Benefits of Reusable Nursing Pads?

Nursing pads are important.  No one wants to be that woman walking down a grocery aisle with a great big wet spot on her shirt.  Should you choose disposable or cloth nursing pads?  Which is best?  There are many different benefits of reusable nursing pads.  If you are looking for nursing pads that are environmentally-friendly, budget-friendly, absorbent, comfortable, and easy to use then reusable nursing pads will fit the bill. 

Not only can you help save the environment by using washable nursing pads, but you can also save money at the same time.  The cost of a box of 60 disposable nursing pads is around $10.  The amount you will need each week varies widely.  Some women leak very little and others are fountains and go through at least a box every week.  When you have to keep repurchasing boxes the costs add up.  Washable nursing pads are much more economical.  A pair of Kissaluvs Milk Pads is only $4.95.  Most nursing moms need 3-6 pairs of nursing pads.  If you get Babykicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads you will save even more because you can get three pairs for only $11.85.  The savings don’t end there.  You can also save money if you use these nursing pads for future children.  Designed to last, they hold up well to repeated washings. 

Many disposable nursing pads contain absorbent chemicals.  Cloth is naturally absorbent and is more comfortable and breathable.   Breast infections thrive in moist environments.  Cloth nursing pads allow for greater air circulation than disposable pads.  The Imse Vimse Silk/Wool Nursing Pads are a healthy choice to prevent infections and clogged ducts.  They feature silk on one side and wool on the other.  Silk is naturally anti-bacterial and up against your skin.  Wool is naturally absorbent and breathable.  They come in three different shapes to meet your needs.  Milk Weeds by Hemp Babies is another great choice if you want natural fibers up against your skin.  They are made from organic cotton and antimicrobial hemp. 

Reusable nursing pads are easy to wash and dry.  Most brands can be washed quite easily with your baby’s clothes.  Some moms prefer to place them in a laundry bag with baby’s socks.  If you choose the Imse Vimse Silk/Wool Nursing Pads you will need to hand wash them in a sink with a little wool wash.  Since nursing pads are relatively small they can be air dried.  I found it easiest to just hand wash the used nursing pads and let them air dry.  The Kushies Nursing Pad Case is an easy way to store clean and used nursing pads.  Two separate compartments with a waterproof barrier in between allow you to easily transport used and clean nursing pads in your purse or diaper bag.

If saving money, helping the environment, using natural fibers free from absorbent chemicals, and comfort is important to you then reusable nursing pads might be the best choice for you.  Thanks Mama offers many different brands of nursing pads including Kissaluvs, Kushies, Hemp Babies, Imse Vimse, and Babykicks.   

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