Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Cloth Training Pants for Girls

So you have reached that all important step in your little girl’s life and it is time to start potty training.  All the options can be overwhelming.  When you choose cloth training pants instead of disposable trainers you are not only providing your little girl a comfortable trainer, but you are also helping reduce your family’s carbon footprint.  Cloth training pants for girls don’t have to be dull and plain.  Many exciting colors and prints are available for little girls.

Using cloth training pants is a great way to recycle and reduce the amount of garbage heading to the landfill.  Disposable diapers and training pants use a large amount of water, wood, chlorine, and fuel in manufacturing.  Cloth training pants are more energy efficient.  At the end of potty training you will still have potty training pants that you can recycle once again by selling, giving them away, or saving them for a younger child.  Colorful prints found on cloth training pants can also be a great motivator leading to less time potty training.

Kushies Taffeta Potty Training Pants are great cloth training pants for girls.  These training pants have a waterproof exterior and flannel interior with a hidden soaker.  They are good for daytime use and can be pulled up and down by your toddler.  They have sizes to fit toddlers from 22-50 lbs.  Their girly prints are modern and cute.  They include prints like Milky Latte, Pink Crazy Circles, Distressed Pink Circles, Pink Fanta, and Light Pink Groovy Squares.

The Kissa’s Pocket Training Pants are good for daytime or nighttime use.  Just add some absorbency into the pocket for nights or naps.  They have a waterproof outer and an inner flannel print.  Your toddler can pull them up and down and you can snap them off for an easy clean-up.  When you add absorbency into the pocket they will absorb like a pocket cloth diaper.  They come in two sizes to fit from 20-40 lbs.  If you have a little girl you may be interested in the Kissa’s Pocket Training Pant in pink with a coordinating inner flannel print.

Imse Vimse Training Pants are very comfortable and make great cloth training pants for girls.  They look and feel like thick underwear.   They have a layer of waterproofing hidden between organic terry on the inside and cotton the outside.  These are best suited to the later stages of potty training.  I still like to use them with my recently potty-trained daughter when we are on the go.  They come in multiple sizes designed to fit from 20-54 lbs.  They do have a cute girly print too.  The Kiss the Frog print has flowers, hearts, crowns, and a frog prince on them. 

Not only will you help reduce your carbon footprint if you use cloth training pants, but you will also find an assortment of cute and girly prints that will delight your little girl.  Thanks Mama offers cloth training pants from a variety of brands including EcoPosh, MotherEase, Bummis, Flip, Dri-Line, Fuzzi Bunz, GroVia, Imse Vimse, Kissaluvs, KaWaii Baby, Kushies, and Mom Innovations.

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