Thursday, August 2, 2012

Natural Teething Remedies

I wish I would have all the answers on how to relieve the pain for a teething baby. For now all I can offer is our experience and a few words of wisdom. Guess what?

"The teeth will come out eventually, teething doesn't last forever though there are moments it may seem like it does!"

"Every baby teethes differently. Ignore those that say 'It can't be too bad', they must have had an easy teether."

I knew teething bothers babies. My first daughter had a hard time, but every teething remedy actually helped her. My second, a son, is really bothered by it and nothing helps him beyond fleeting momentary relief. Of course this means I have searched far and wide for anything that may help him. He will be 9 months soon, not a single tooth yet. We have a couple of teethers that get chewed on a lot, but they only offer so much help. 

Teething Necklaces: I was skeptical of these but wanted to try it because I didn't know what else to do with Baby T. To my surprise these do work, it seems to make his teething a lot less severe. I know this because at one point I took the necklace off and forgot he wasn't wearing it, until I realized that it was the worst two weeks of his teething and remembered that it was a lot better with the necklace. I put it on him again and magically it does something, he didn't have any more long screaming episodes - somehow it relieves the pain and lessens drooling. 

Teething Tablets: These homeopathic tablets helped my daughter tremendously, we used them a lot and they they were our no fail go-to remedy. Baby T? Not so much. They offer a little bit of relief, but definitely not after one dose (he needs at least two), and not for very long. So as all things, it will depend on your baby. I actually found that single ingredient chamomilla helped him more than the combination tablets. 

Teethers: It's hard to find non-toxic teethers, but they do exist and they are often made of natural rubber - our preferred material. Silicone ones may also be a good option, but I don't feel they are quite as safe as rubber. I love the look and features of the So'Pure Sophie the Giraffe Natural Soother, it looks like something Baby T would love to gnaw on. A wooden teether or rattle is also a wonderful option, wood is actually naturally antimicrobial. 

Clove Oil: Don't ever use clove oil straight up on the baby's gums, but instead look for essential oil blends that include clove oil. We have found it helpful on several occasions for severe teething episodes. There are quite a few small, 'home made' brands that make clove oil blends that are safe for babies. You can also find recipes for diluting clove oil yourself, don't forget it is perfect for adults with tooth pain too!

Cold Wet Washcloths: A tried and true method that many parents swear by is the wet wash cloth placed in the fridge or freezer. We didn't find this particularly helpful, perhaps it is preferred by older teething toddlers, but my 9 month old wasn't a fan, he just didn't like holding a cold, wet washcloth

Ice in a Mesh Feeder: Some ice chips or frozen fruits and veggies places in a mesh feeder are another great option. Frozen mango chunks in a mesh feeder is a favorite of Baby T. Other favorites are bananas, strawberries, and watermelon. Ice chips will not be as messy, but with fruit be prepared for a sticky situation and a possible bath!

What is your baby's favorite natural teething remedy?


  1. I noticed that frozen veggies help my girl, i keep frozen green beans and its easy to grab on because they are long. Cloth dipped in chamomile tea and put in the freezer till its frozen helps also, part of the cloth becomes quickly warm in baby's hands and the frozen part is something to chew on.
    Those are my remedies that help and baby likes them.

  2. Thanks for the teething suggestions. Although my little one is only one month, he'll be teething soon enough, and I much rather use natural remedies than medications with chemicals.


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