Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Find the Best Cheap Cloth Diapers for Sale

In this economy cloth diapering is an excellent way to save money on expenses for your baby.  The costs of cloth diapers can vary based on the kinds of cloth diapers you choose.  If you are cloth diapering to save money then you will want to look for cheap cloth diapers for sale.  The most inexpensive types of cloth diapers are prefolds with diaper covers and if you purchase them at package savings you will save even more.

Prefolds will give you the biggest bang for your buck if you are looking for cheap cloth diapers for sale.  They are thirsty, durable, and quite inexpensive.   Prefolds are rectangular cloth diapers that have been folded and stitched.  They must be folded into a diaper cover or fastened on your baby with diaper pins or a Snappi.  Bleached and Unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds cost only $2.75 for an infant size and $3.50 for a premium size.  If you want to save even more and are planning to fold the prefold into a diaper cover then you can find the OsoCozy Better Fit Unbleached Prefolds for only $2.00 for the infant size and $2.50 for the premium size.  You will need 6-15 cloth diapers per day.  It is typical for newborns to need about 12-15, infants to need 10-12, and toddlers to need 6-8 prefolds per day.  You can wash every day or every 2-3 days.

If you decide to save money and use prefold cloth diapers you will need to purchase some waterproof cloth diaper covers.  If you stop by your local baby warehouse store or big department store you may find plastic pants for a really good price as well as prefolds for an even better price than the ones listed here.  Avoid those.  Leaks are quite common because the prefolds are not thirsty and the plastic pants are not high quality.  Choosing a thirsty cloth diaper and a good quality diaper cover will save you many changes of clothes for you and your baby.  The Bummis Pull-On Diaper Cover is a high quality pull-on pant that goes on like a pair of shorts and is priced for savings at only $6.50 each.  You would need to fasten the prefold with diaper pins or a Snappi first.  If you want to fold the prefold and lay it in the cover consider the KaWaii Baby Happy Leak Free One Size Diaper Cover for only $6.99 and the durable Proraps Diaper Covers for only $7.99 each.  You will need at least 4-6 diaper covers.

With cloth diaper packages you can find prefolds and diaper covers at even greater savings.   You can get started with the Just Get Me Started Package at Thanks Mama.  At only $45.99 you will get a dozen prefolds and 3 Proraps.  You will have to wash daily, but you can take the money you would spend on disposables and get more prefolds and covers.  The Infant Prefold Package will give you 24 prefolds and 4 Prorap covers allowing you to wash every 2-3 days for only $69.95.  If you have an older baby you may be interested in the Premium Prefold Package that comes with 18 premium prefolds and 4 Prorap Diaper Covers for only $68.99. 

Finding cheap cloth diapers for sale isn’t too difficult.  If you want to save money then sticking with high-quality prefolds and diapers covers is a great choice.  For the cost of two packs of disposables you can get started cloth diapering and watch your savings multiply.  At the end of your cloth diapering journey not only will you have saved many dollars, but you will also still have cloth diapers that you can use for another child.


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