Friday, August 31, 2012

Best Uses of Overnight Training Pants

Nighttime potty training usually happens quite a bit later than daytime potty training for most little ones.  I’ve night trained two children so far.  One was rather easy.  Over time he woke up dry so I just switched him to underwear and restricted drinks close to bedtime.  The other one was rather difficult and was never dry in the morning.  When he turned 5 I decided to approach things differently.  I restricted his drinks for a couple hours before bedtime and woke him up a couple of times during the night to go to the bathroom.  Over time we reduced it to just one wake-up.  After 6 months of nighttime wake-ups with a half-awake child he was not only waking up dry, but he started not needing night time trips to the bathroom anymore. 

Overnight training pants could be used in both situations.  If you are ever in the bathroom at night with a half-awake child you would realize that a training pant that can be easily pulled up and down is a good thing.  But overnight training pants aren’t just for overnight use.  You can also use them for naps or heavy wetters.  Cloth training pants with a pocket to add absorbency also work well for overnight, naps, and heavy wetters. 
Some training pants are specifically designed for nighttime use.  Both the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty Night Time Training Pants are designed for nighttime use.  They have a soft waterproof exterior with absorbent micro terry inside.   They can be pulled up and down by your child and can be snapped off in case of an accident.  They come in several sizes designed to fit from 20-70 lbs.  The Mother Ease Bedwetter Pants were designed to absorb.  A regularly-sized can of soda contains 12 oz.  These Bedwetter Pants will absorb 21 oz.  They can be easily pulled on and off and come in sizes to fit from 30-65 lbs.

Training pants with a pocket can be used for many different stages of potty training including night time training.  Simply add absorbency like a prefold or inserts into the pocket of the training pant for heavier wetting times like nighttime or naps.  The GroVia My Choice Trainer is a one size trainer designed to fit from 18-35+ lbs.  It has a TPU waterproof exterior and inner cotton/hemp material.  It comes with a pocket where you can add absorbency so you can use it for nighttime or naps.  Flexible side panels can be color coordinated with the main portion of the training pant for a unique look.  The Kissa’s Pocket Training Pants also come with a pocket to add absorbency at nighttime.  They have colorful waterproof PUL outer material and an inner cotton flannel print.  Side snaps allow for easy removal in case of an accident.  They come in two sizes designed to fit from 20-40 lbs. 

Maybe your children will night train easily or maybe not.  In either situation using overnight training pants will help prevent wet beds while encouraging your child to make the move to underwear for nighttime.  Thanks Mama offers nighttime training pants as well as training pants more suitable for other stages of potty training.  

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