Thursday, July 12, 2012

Green Sprouts Disposable Potty Covers Review

Have you ever traveled with a potty training toddler? How about small children? Don't you just love the trips to the public restroom? [sarcasm] I recently had the chance to try out the Green Sprouts 5 Pack Disposable Potty Covers and it looks like they will be a permanent item in my diaper bag! These are a must when out and about. [above: the restaurant where we used a public restroom]

We traveled to Washington D.C. in May and I took a package of these with me so that I could take Baby E to the bathroom without worrying how unsanitary it is. You know what my toddler has to listen to on a bathroom trip? "Don't touch that, it's dirty. No, don't touch that either. You don't want to know what kind of microscopic bugs live here!" Yes, she is already familiar with what 'microscopic' means and it is really cute when she says the long word in Russian. I'll tell you, these potty covers make trips to public bathrooms with a kid so much easier! Here is what we absolutely love about them:

  • Generously Sized: Some potty covers are so skimpy, you have to be an acrobat to sit on it and not touch the toilet. These are sized large enough to cover the toilet well and to keep your toddler or child from touching the dirty seat with their hands. 
  • Extremely Soft: These are so so soft! When I took my toddler to the bathroom for the first time with this cover I was amazed at how soft they are. Of course I tried it too! I felt kind of bad throwing something so nice away. Maybe I should cover the toilet at home with one of these?!
  • Made of plant based material: These are not plastic and made without petroleum, good for the earth and you. 
  • Resealable Bag: The covers come in a resealable bag that is convenient to use and is quite compact.
  • Disposable: As much as we love all things reusable, in this case disposable is a great idea! Obviously you wouldn't want a reusable potty cover and all those nasty germs to take home.

The price is $5.99 for a package of 5. Yes, I did cringe a little when throwing out that $1.20 each time we're in the bathroom, honestly. Surprisingly we didn't even end up using the whole package on our 4 day D.C. trip because I made it a point for her to go to the bathroom in our hotel room before we leave. It's not something you will use very often, but you'll be very happy you have them when you do. I certainly remember many occasions when we went through potty training with Baby E when I wish I had these!

Thanks Mama also carrier a variety of other Eco-friendly Green Sprout products most of which are made from plants, silicone, or bamboo! Their baby toothbrush is pretty cool. The glass storage cubes for baby food are pretty fabulous if you make your own. Love the natural wooden ring rattle too, great for drooling babies since wood naturally repels germs. 

Shop Green Sprout products at Thanks Mama

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