Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fuzzi Bunz Elite One-Size Diaper Review

Pocket diapers were our first experience with the world of cloth diapering three years ago. We have since tried many other types, but there is always something comforting about the simple design of pockets. We loved trying the Fuzzi Bunz Elite pocket diapers and there is certainly even more to love about them than the Fuzzi Bunz one-size pockets we are all used to. Let me first get this off my mind, this incredible color - I love it! Looks great on our blue eyed babe!

The Fuzzi Bunz Elite One Size is very similar to their regular one-size diaper. There are several improvements however. Our favorite one is the new fabric for the inserts, it is silky smooth minky fabric that doesn't hold in the stinkies as much as regular microfiber inserts. It is very absorbent in our experience and the diaper comes with two, yeay! Perfect for our heavy wetter. I use two inserts in every diaper for him, otherwise he pees right through it. This one has held up very well to his spray zone. Honestly, if I could change all of my microfiber inserts to these minky ones, I would, I love them. It also looks like they do not stain as much either. We've had a variety of surprises in this diaper and never a blow-out, it is very good at containing the messiest of messes. 

Another improvement is the hidden elastic. In the previous one-size diapers it would always come out of the little hole that's supposed to hide it. Well now it is on the underside of the interior diaper lining, so it never touches or leaves prints on the baby. The diaper also comes with an extra set of elastics! So that's perfect to really make it last from one baby to another (and another). I still haven't had to replace the elastic on our original Fuzzi Bunz one-size diaper in the almost 4 years we've been using it. So it's great to know this diaper will last for all of our babies. I can't comment on how easy it is to replace the elastic, so if you've done it - let us know. 

I love this one-size system and that it fits most babies without rows upon rows of snaps on the diaper. Although it isn't as easy to adjust as snap sizing, it only take a minute and it stays put. The fit is great on our 6 month old, with a lot of room to grow. I think the rise may be a little small for really tall toddlers who may still be in diapers, but for the average baby I'm sure it will fit until potty training. The three snap design keeps the diaper where it should be, babies can't get it off, and there is no wing droop - it's solid. 

In case you're wondering, I definitely prefer the Elite over the regular one-size diaper and over the perfect size diapers as well. It is very trim, there is no bulk here! At $19.95 each with two inserts and replacement elastic it is a great deal. It's a very simple system and I wouldn't mind having a whole stash of these. Perhaps the only thing I do not like, and this applies to pocket diapers in general, is that you have to take the inserts out by hand before the wash. Not a big deal, but something I can no longer say "I don't mind" about after so many years of cloth diapering. I highly recommend Fuzzi Bunz and especially their Elite diaper, try it, you'll love it!

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  1. I love my Fuzzibunz stash so much, he has NEVER blown out of them and about 95% of the time, you never have to even touch the liners to get them out of the pocket. Even though poop/pee don't gross me out at all, this is a huge plus. My one gripe is how I wish diaper makers in general would make their liners a little bit more absorbent. I have never met a mom who doesn't stuff her CDs with anything less than 2 liners. We do 2 during the day, 3 at night. But all in all, I love Fuzzibunz so much I have no desire to even try any other brand.

    1. That's wonderful! I've tried so many that I've lost my mind, I envy those that stick with just one brand that works well :)


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