Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cloth Diapering Confession

We want to be honest with you, as we always are at Thanks Mama. After using some upscale, super expensive disposables during a recent road trip I realized this - disposables are so much easier. Of course, you knew that already. I was so settled into our cloth diaper routine that I honestly didn't feel like it was a lot of work. But after 5 days of using highly absorbent, European made disposable diapers that are a whopping $0.50 each, I have to admit I'll miss it. So why am I saying this? Surely not to discourage you from cloth diapering! It's okay to use disposables once in a while, because when you do you'll realize why you love cloth so much!

I think the number one reason I liked these sposies, a silly one, is that they are all the same. You see, as a cloth diaper tester, my stash is made up of 40 different diaper brands. My head is crammed with information on how each diaper performs, absorbs, how it washes, what it's made of, etc. A normal cloth diapering mom would probably never deal with this because for the most part a diaper stash is made up of 2 to 5 different brands. This is why I liked my break from cloth, I didn't have to think about all those attributes of cloth. It's a lot easier to have fewer brands rather than a stash of all different ones.

After throwing $0.50 in the trash every time I changed a diaper, I was reminded of the number one reason we cloth diaper - that it saves us a lot of money. We really do not have that extra $600 to $1,000 dollars each year, per baby, to spend on disposable diapers. I calculated that even if we spent our own money on the stash of cloth diapers, we have so far saved $3,000. I would rather spend that on bills or travel than throw it in the trash! 

When it comes to laundry, yes, disposables are easier. It was nice to not think about it for several days. I am not going to insist that cloth diaper laundry is a piece of cake. Sometimes it isn't, like when you are dealing with stinky diapers and trying to figure out what the cause is. It's especially not easy if you have living arrangements that don't offer your own washer, like an apartment. But, we all do laundry regardless, so washing cloth diapers is not a lot of extra work and it becomes barely noticeable once you get into a routine.

We have cloth diapered on vacation before and it was actually quite easy, but my daughter was older and we rented a vacation rental cottage. Cloth diapering on the road is possible if you do some advance planning, I certainly recommend it for older kids who go through fewer diapers in a day! We loved using pocket cloth diapers and prefolds that were the easiest to hand wash on vacation.

What do you use when you take some time off? Cloth? Disposables? Both?

Photo: My baby wearing a disposable diaper in our hotel room ;)


  1. Sometimes I feel like disposables would be easier... until they are peed in and they get that distinct wet 'sposie smell. *shudder* So disgusting. When I put disposables on my son, he gives me a funny look like, "Why am I wearing paper pants?"

    1. I get that look from my baby too :)

  2. We hand wash and line dry - so it takes a whole day to wash about 8 diapers and another day to dry them (we've had a REALLLY wett spring here in BC, Canada) And even though I try to have 2 loads going on at a time, If I fall behind (due to illness, large homework load or, sometimes, admittedly, laziness) it's nice to be able to take a small break and use sposies now and again

    1. Kudos for hand washing! I would take breaks too! Yeah, on some humid summer days here in Massachusetts it feels like it takes 2 days for the diapers to dry. Thankfully when I put it on high spin in my HE washer, they come out nearly dry :)


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