Saturday, May 12, 2012

BumGenius Freetime AIO Review

I have a new love, the BumGenius Freetime all-in-one cloth diaper! No joke, this is one of the best diapers we have ever tried (out of about 40!). You know, after three years of diaper laundry I am really warming up to all-in-one diapers. This one pretty much annihilates one of the problems with AIOs - that they take long to dry, not the Freetime! It really does free up some time for mamas, so that your little one can say "Thanks Mama for spending that free time with me!"

Yes, I am in love. So much so that I've contemplated ditching my entire stash for a dozen of these cloth diapers! Perfect, superbly trim fit (on our chubby 6 month old, about 18-20 pounds). Doesn't leak on my heavy wetter. Ever. Dries fast, as we've mentioned. No-gross-poop-touch laundry. No stuffing. Baby's bottom stays dry. Masters blow outs and keeps them captive. Great quality snaps that look like they'll last a lifetime. Ton of cute colors. Most of all it's just simple. We like simple. If I ever had to leave my son with grandma, it would be simple enough for her to figure out!

See, it has fold out inserts that are sewn in... Yes, genius, BumGenius! They even thought it through and stitched up the soakers so that nothing gets trapped in there while they are in the wash. 

There is only one, just one thing I would change about these. This is something that would push me over the edge and would justify buying a few of these despite the fact that I have a huge cloth diaper stash already. You see, I have a love/hate relationship with microfiber. I love the quick absorption and the stay dry aspect. Okay, stay dry is a must for me, if I'm using a diaper that isn't stay dry, I will at least place a stay-dry liner inside. But for the life of me, I can.not.ever figure out what to do to eliminate stink issues, and no - I will not have bleach inside my house. Maybe it's my water. Maybe I'm too lazy to try every possible thing. I am certainly too lazy to separate microfiber inserts and throw them in for a separate sanitize wash in my front loader every time (and for some diapers like this one, separating is impossible). I don't have that time luxury! So, it would be perfect for us if the underside of the soakers was bamboo or hemp, the two fibers we love for not absorbing stinkies. I would leave the top against the baby's skin as a thin layer of stay dry microfiber. While right now it is perfectly stink free, I'm afraid that over time it will stink like my other microfiber diapers. 

That of course doesn't mean these aren't perfect for you! You may never even run into any stink issues. You would at least probably be more proactive about it than I am! I highly recommend the BumGenius Freetime, just a warning, you may fall in love with it just like we did. I find myself saving this diaper for going outside and for any 'special' times. The price is right in my opinion for such a great quality, tailored diaper, $19.95, or even less at Thanks Mama if you buy 6 or more. If you have questions about this particular diaper, ask away!

Check out the BumGenius Freetime AIO at Thank Mama!

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  1. Hi! I also have 8 of the BG Freetimes and I love them as well! They save so much time (when you don't have to stuff them like the pocket diapers). However, I am experience stink issues too, and only with these diapers! All my pocket diapers are stink-free and most are microfiber as well. I have a front loader he washing machine which makes stripping these diapers a major pain! Right now I basically do a pre-rinse cycle on all my diapers, then run a "heavy" load with hot wash, cold rinse and rockin' green detergent and do 3 extra rinses... any other ideas to eliminate stink?


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