Sunday, April 1, 2012

Plan Toys Floppy-Eared Dog Rattle Review

I love when infants first start reaching for toys and showing interest in things other than striped shirts and copious amounts of sleep. I still remember that moment with my first baby when she first grabbed a toy and pulled it into her mouth to nibble on! Seems like that was just yesterday, but in reality three year ago. Baby T is now four months old and he is interested in objects, especially those he can hold himself. This adorable wooden rattle from Plan Toys is something he really likes. I think the cute face and the contrasting colors are what draws him to it, for a taste test of course!

I love wooden toys in general, I prefer them over others no doubt - even more so when it comes to infant toys. Maybe because it is nostalgic, maybe because it looks better, maybe just because they are generally safer (when dyed with non-toxic paints and inks). This dog rattle is really adorable when it comes to visual appeal, just look at that little face. Infants also like things that make noise, in that sense this rattle is a bit lacking. It would have to be shaken really hard, back and forth, to make substantial noise. So this rattle is more visually and sensory stimulating. It you are looking for something that really 'rattles' and makes noise you may want to check out something like the Kushies Cha Cha rattle, though it isn't wooden. Looking for something that squeaks? Check out our review of the Vulli Sophie Giraffe Gnome made of natural rubber. 

The handle on this little rattle is rather thick, I think a slightly thinner handle would have made it easier to grasp - especially for chubby fingers like my munchkin. I think when his motor skills are a little more developed, it will be easier for him. As of now it is hard for him to get it near his mouth to chew on, as you can imagine that can frustrate a little infant, everything must be tasted! Though the rattle is recommended for ages 0+, realistically your infant will not hold it until three months, and will hold it more comfortably around five months - so consider that when making a purchase. This rattle costs $10.99, which may be more than you plan to spend on a rattle. I think it is a good price for a quality wooden toy such as this, considering we have had nothing but success with the Plan Toys brand. What's your infant's favorite toy?

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