Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kissaluvs Super Soaker Doubler Review

Need a boost for your baby's diaper? Something without too much bulk? Super absorbent and affordable? We've found all of the above in the Kissaluvs Super Soaker Doubler. If you are in the my-baby-pees-like-a-horse boat, I know how you feel. You don't want the baby's butt to look like a mountain, but at the same time it would be nice if he doesn't just pee right through a diaper - especially when he is sitting on your hip or in a baby carrier! Somehow boys are just really good at this!

In the world of cloth diaper doublers, the Kissaluvs soaker is not just average. For starters, the tapered shape makes it trimmer and gives you less bulk between the legs. It packs a punch when it comes to absorbency, even surpassing other inserts I have that are much wider and bigger. I dare even say that it is comparable to hemp, coming pretty close. Though we use a hemp insert for night time along with a microfiber one, we still need a boost for daytime - I find myself reaching for this Kissaluvs doubler most of the time. At only $3.49 each, you get a lot of absorbency for the money. 

These soakers are 12.5" long and 5" wide at the widest point. On our 5 months old they fit great inside one-size diapers on the medium setting, but it would fit comfortable on the smallest setting as well. Most importantly, we haven't had any leaks with these doublers, they hold the moisture well and absorb quick. After many washes it stays incredibly soft, showing absolutely no signs of wear, still looking like new. I love the combination of unbleached knit terry (similar to the Kissaluvs terry wipes, one of our favorites) and the colored cotton fleece. Both are soft, and the cotton fleece side could even be used inside a diaper cover against the skin, though we haven't tried. Like many other Kissaluvs products we've tried, it is apparently very well made and great quality. 

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