Sunday, April 15, 2012

6 Reasons I Love Babywearing

Honestly, I'm not sure how I would survive early motherhood without baby carriers. To me it has become such an essential part of my day, it is even more necessary than a stroller. It has proved especially indispensable with the arrival of a second baby. My own mother looks at me and exclaims how fortunate it is for me to be a mother now, when so many conveniences have been invented to make parenting easier. She never had a baby carrier, and in the culture where she lived it never even occurred to her that she could tie the baby onto herself. One thing I know, a baby carrier is the first thing (or one of) I will recommend to moms-to-be! Here is why I love it so much:

1. It gives me balance. I can have a happy baby and dinner made at the same time. I can have a happy baby and a clean house at the same time. Yes, I do put the baby down to play on his own or with his sister. Yes, he does nap in bed alone at this point (like right as I am typing this!). But if you're a mom, you know how long those moments last. To actually complete household tasks, baby wearing rocks!

2. It gives me a third hand. Don't all mother wish they just had one more hand, or two? I always do. My baby carrier is just that. There are things I simply wouldn't be able to do without it at moments when I have an unhappy infant and things need to get done. It is my third [and fourth] hand for packing lunch for my husband, for getting toddler ready for bed, and for tidying up the house at the end of the day when the baby is on his last lap of borderline contentment.

3. It gives me time with my toddler. Life with one baby was tough, but so much more simple than with two honestly. Now I had to figure out how to wipe my toddler's bottom with a baby in my arms. How to do our evening routine with a must-sleep-now-cranky infant on my hands. Babywearing has alleviated these concerns and I can take care of my toddler and keep my infant happy.

4. It relieves stress. Do you know what kind of stress I am talking about? The kind where you put baby down to sleep and he proceeds to wake up every.two.point.three.minutes. Not fun if you're cooking and expecting company. When out and about it relieves the stress of having to find a place to nurse or having everyone stare at you while you try to calm your baby who just wants you to hold him or her.

5. It is convenient. Obviously, there are times when it just makes sense. Like who wants to be stuck with a crying infant in a car seat when you are half-way done with food shopping? Not me. When I go to a store I don't leave the house without a baby carrier. Same with going to the library or any other errands. Not to mention that our car seat with the baby in it weighs about fifty three pounds, well, at least it feels like it - especially when I am carrying it.

6. It's cozy! Yes, babywearing gives me the fuzzies. What can be better than snuggling next to my baby? I'll be marveling about how fast he grew up just a short three years from now! Realizing my first tiny baby will be four years old soon, I am savoring the precious baby moments with my second even more. Now that I have this baby thing down, I can enjoy it more and stop wondering about what I am doing wrong or right. I know babywearing makes it all good, comfy, and cozy! Uhm, unless it is ninety degrees outside. 

By the time I finished writing this, Baby E managed to wake up her little brother, so I put him in an Ergo and he continued his sleep in the baby carrier while I made Sunday brunch pancakes and typed up why I love carrying my babies. Multitasking at its best!

Do you wear your baby? What do you like about it? When do you find a carrier most useful to you?

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  1. do you wear your babies on your back or front? It always seemed to hurt my back when i'd wear my first on my back, but the front felt so comfy. like being pregnant again!
    Also, I remember when she was on my back i felt like i'd have to move very carefully (like bending over) and stuff so as not to shake her or wake her or hurt her. Do you have to be cautious when they're on your back and you can't really see them or do you just go all out and bend over and clean and pick up your toddler and whatever?

    jessicaikiehn at gmail dot com

    1. I usually wear on the front until about 7-8 months old, then on the back. Front is comfier, especially in a wrap! I found that after one year I would only wear my toddler when out somewhere for errands, but not around the house, she was just too heavy for me (I'm only 100 lbs).


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