Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sophie Giraffe Gnon Natural Rubber Toy Review

Our little Baby T is finally paying attention to toys at four months old. Of course, I'm his favorite play thing, he doesn't take his eyes off of me except when he sleeps! I hope he will be enthralled with toys soon, for now he just likes anything he can chew on. We had the opportunity to try the super adorable Sophie Giraffe Gnon Soft Toy recently. I am not sure who likes it more, Baby T, my three year old Baby E, or I!

I'm divided on my favorite feature of this cute Gnon, it is either the fact it is a natural rubber toy, or that it has a squeaker that reminds me of one of my childhood. I must have had something similar because that sound brings back all the best memories. Back then we didn't have fancy toxic plastic toys (yeay!), natural rubber is all there was for soft, waterproof toys. It's nice to know it is safe for my baby, especially with him gnawing on it and stuffing it in his mouth. The squeaker is not particularly annoying, unless my three year old daughter gets her hands on it and starts squeezing it incessantly. The little handle on this one makes it comfy to hold for little hands and bonus (!), it can be attached to a loop on the stroller, car seat, high chair, wherever you want. 
I also like that this is a gender neutral toy, although it does come in a slightly different design with pink and blue options pictured on the left. The green is my favorite! One more thing to love, especially for someone like me who studied French all through school and is enamored with everything Francophone, it is made in France. It's great in a baby shower present or as a gift from an older sibling to a newborn.

This toy retails for $16.50, a reasonable price for comparable natural rubber toys that aren't easy to find. Cute, safe to chew on, great for all ages, completely natural, what else could you ask for?

Purchase the Sophie Giraffe Gnon at Thanks Mama

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