Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Thirsties Duo AIO Diaper Review

If you haven't caught on yet, we love Thirsties. You know what? They did it again. They came out with a new option for convenience-loving moms. We recently had the privilege of trying the new Thirsties Duo AIO diaper on our three month old boy. We love it just as much as all the other Thirsties products. A perfect solution for dads and care providers, or you! Hey, moms need simplicity in diapers too you know! Just because we can remember how to fasten ten different types of diapers doesn't mean we have to. 

Fit: The Duo AIO comes in two perfectly fitting sizes just like other Thirsties diapers. Size 1 fits from 6 to 18 pounds, size 2 from 18 to 40 pounds. In the photos our 3 month old infant is 14 pounds, but already wearing a size 2. He's a chubby little fellow (I actually reviewed this on Eco-Babyz, hence the watermark on the photos). If you happen to have a big chubby baby like ours, a great way to save money is to just use prefolds from birth and then you only need to buy size 2 Thirsties diapers that will fit from 3-4 months all the way to potty training. If you have a little peanut like our first girl (born at 6 lbs 12 oz), then getting a few size 1 would make more sense, you would get more use out of them. Though the size 2 Duo AIO is still a tad big on Baby T, it fits, there are no gaps around the legs. It actually fits trimmer than some one-size diapers. 

Absorbency: We've got a heavy wetter. When I had my baby girl we had it pretty easy. With our boy this time I'm amazed that babies can pee that much! This put the diaper to the test well. It definitely doesn't absorb as well as the Thirties Fab Fitted or the Duo Diaper in our experience. We found that it lasts about two hours on our boy, whereas the average for other diapers we use is about three hours. The good thing is that the absorbency is adjustable! The tunnel design of the attached soaker makes it easy to add a doubler. That adds an extra step, but it works well with just a tad extra bulk. There is little room for improvement on the Duo AIO, that I have already suggested to the company

Ease of Use: If you're looking for easy, this is it. It is easy to put on (no prep), easy to wash, easy in every way you can imagine. Unless you need extra absorbency, there is no stuffing to put it on. No inserts to match or to loose. Just one piece. It's thick, but allows for quick drying due to the tunnel soaker design. If you prefer aplix, you just need to attach the tabs before throwing in the wash (or better yet, do that when you take the dirty diaper off). We prefer the snaps, so we just toss it all in the wash without ever touching the diaper. This diaper washes very well with little to no staining. Nothing that the sun can't take care of (no sun in sight in Massachusetts today).  

Value: The Thirsties Duo AIO is a two size system, so technically you need two sizes from birth to potty. But as I mentioned in the Fit paragraph above, you can get away with just the size 2 if you have a bigger baby who gains weight fast. Of course you will only know once the baby is born. Each diaper is $15.75 ($16.75 for prints), which is very reasonable.

Want to simplify? The Thirsties Duo AIO is so worth checking out! Grab one (or a few) at Thanks Mama

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