Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ergo Doll Carrier Review

My toddler girl loves playing with her baby dolls. She always tries to treat them the same way I treat her little brother. I wear him in a baby carrier a lot throughout the day, most times it is a Moby wrap. Now that he is bigger and almost four months old, I wear him in the Ergo Baby carrier a lot more often. So Baby E was so excited to get the Ergo Baby doll carrier so that she can carry her babies just like mommy! She also remembers being carried in the Ergo when she was younger, we have many photos of her in it as a baby. Here she is sitting in her impromptu play house (for Russians, she actually calls it 'teremok') with her baby in the carrier.

Baby E is three years old, this little carrier fits her well and will for quite a while. She is a tiny three year old, so on the smallest setting the straps are just a little loose on her shoulders, but tight enough for the carrier to stay put and not fall off. Just like the large carrier, this one is highly adjustable, so she can wear her babies until she is ten if she wishes! She doesn't wear it every day, but most days she asks me to put it on her. She is too young to do it herself, but I think in a few months she will get the hang of it. It you have a toddler who is patiently awaiting a sibling, this is a great gift. It can even be one of those 'welcome' gifts from the newborn  to the older sibling. I think it is best to have it before the baby's arrival so you can get the sibling used to the idea of taking care of and wearing a baby. 

When Baby T was born four months ago and she saw me wearing him in a wrap as a newborn, she asked me to make one for her doll. I didn't really have anything on hand, so we improvised with her bathing suit top! It looked funny and it was pretty obvious it was her bathing suit, but she loved it! She would wear her tiny doll in it or one of her smaller teddy bears. Now that she has an 'official' carrier, I'm looking forward to letting her wear her dolls outside and on our anticipated road trip we are planning later this spring.

The Ergo Baby doll carrier is very well made, just like the full size version. I don't see this ripping or wearing out anytime soon. It has a pocket on the inside that works well for keeping smaller dolls from sliding out of the carrier. It also comes in a more gender neutral print, the galaxy gray, I think baby boys can wear dolls too! Just like my husband wears the baby sometimes. Actually I don't think they just can, I think they should and it is good for them. In a culture entrenched with the macho image of boys with cars, guns, etc., I think it is important to teach our little boys to be tender and caring too. Someday they will become dads and their wives will thank us!

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