Saturday, February 4, 2012

Healthy Toddler Snacks

If you have a toddler you know what I mean when I say "I feel like I'm thinking of food all day long." My toddler is a non-stop eating machine. Five minutes after she's done with her meal she asks for a snack, then another, and another, and so on until the next meal, which she gobbles up and subsequently asks for more snacks. It's non-stop! Lucky for me I'm nursing, so I'm always hungry as well. We've been resorting to crackers for snacks way too often, so I've been coming up with healthier alternatives for snacks. Here are some that we love. 

Sugar Snap Peas: A recent discovery as I was browsing Trader Joe's. I've seen them before, but this time I realized how fun they would be to eat for my toddler. She loves them! Sweet, but not too much, with a good dose of vitamins. 

Baby Carrots: An old standby, fresh for older kids or cooked for younger ones. I like to buy large carrots and cut them up, I think it is cheaper that way. How do they make baby carrots anyway?

Dry Cranberries: Packed with vitamins this is a great snack that's easy to take along if needed. We buy ones that only have two ingredients, cranberries and sugar. They are sour, but just a tad sweetened. 

Cashews: Softer than most other nuts, they are easy for a toddler to chew and we never get tired of them. We buy the roasted unsalted ones. They provide healthy fats that are so important for a developing toddler brain. 

Spelt Pretzels: Okay, so we have yet to try these, but when I saw organic spelt pretzels I got pretty excited. Can't wait to try them, if you have already please share how you like them! 

Veggie Bread: I take my trusted banana bread recipe (with half whole wheat flour, very little brown sugar, flax seed, wheat germ) and play with it by substituting veggies for the bananas. Anything goes - carrots, beets, spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, etc. We eat this in between meals throughout the day, it never gets old and the possibilities are endless. 

These are just some of our current favorites, we always discover something new to try. In the summer we live off of smoothies and smoothie ice pops. What are your favorite snacks?

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  1. slices of apples, grapes, berries all go with my toddler while I get a few quiet minutes in a car. We will try fresh green peas now - Thanks for the idea! Non messy and good for you finger food!


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