Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dri-Line Bamboo Baby Bib Review

Have you ever had your baby in a bib only to find food on their lap? You've probably wondered why they don't make bibs longer. Well, they do - at least Dri-line does! These superbly made bibs are made in Canada of bamboo rayon fleece and waterproof PUL (like in cloth diapers). It's 11 by 19 inches, very generous, positively huge! It's even generous on my 3 year old girl (who really likes this bib by the way, it's her favorite). It would pretty much cover an entire infant, I'm really looking forward to using it on my son when he starts solids this spring. With baby E I had really tiny bibs, they didn't nearly catch all the dribbles on her clothing and cute dresses! 

One side of the bib is super soft bamboo fleece and technically, you're supposed to put it with the white fleece side up. I like to flip it over to the PUL side though and to turn the crumb pocket inside out, that way I can just wipe it and not have to put it in the laundry every time. The white fleece is better against the baby in my opinion! Especially if it's summer and the baby is wearing just a diaper or if it is a cold winter, either way. 

It's a little hard to justify the price of $14.99 each. Let me attempt... It is the most 'solid' bib I have ever tried, I really do not see that it would wear out anytime soon. It looks like it will last through all of our kids, however many we will have! It washes very well, it doesn't stain (at least not with the PUL side up). It doesn't make me wish there was a better bib - that alone is worth fifteen bucks! Just look at it this way, you may buy a cheaper bib once a year for several years because it falls apart, or just buy this once and spare yourself the trouble.

We have the green bib and I like that gender neutral color, perfect for a boy or girl. I love that it has snaps, not velcro, I find velcro a little annoying - not only for laundry, but for my little girl's hair and fuzzy lint. The snaps are also great for babies who like to pull on their bib and take it off themselves, this would make it impossible to pull off on their own. 

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  1. I put this bib bamboo side up when Alisa eats soup or something runny, it absorbs whatever has missed her mouth :) It is also her favorite bib.


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