Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aplix or Snaps? That is the question...

The age old cloth diapering question. What is better, aplix or snaps? My short answer will be: try them both! You never know what you like until you try it. In my case I thought I would prefer snaps and it turned out to be true the more diapers we tried. You may also find your preference changing with the baby's age. Thankfully I never experienced a toddler who liked to take his or her diaper off and make a mess. Yet. I'm sure many of you know exactly what I'm talking about. We'll outline the pros and cons of snaps and aplix so that you can make an informed decision. But before you do, I really advise trying both! You may find that you want both options in your stash.

  • Custom fit with no gaps
  • Easy to figure out for anyone, including care providers and husbands!
  • Faster to put on, especially nice with newborns or quick toddlers
  • Can be easily replaced and sewn back on

  • Wear out faster, they may curl at edges and stop being 'sticky' after a couple of years (in our experience)
  • Easy to escape out of for a toddler
  • Makes diaper chains and collects lint

  • Pretty much do not wear out or rip
  • Hard to escape out of
  • Stay on better, won't budge, hence the above
  • No need to attach tabs before throwing in the wash

  • Takes a little longer to put on, especially on wiggly babies and toddlers
  • May be a learning curve for care providers, more difficult to put on
  • Snaps are harder to replace than aplix

Personally, I'm a snap girl. I have a few diapers with aplix that barely close after three years of use, I'm too lazy to replace the aplix! We used a few newborn aplix diapers and really liked them, but now that baby T is older I prefer snaps. I think aplix is perfect for a few newborn cloth diapers because you don't end up wearing out the closure wash after wash. I love brands that offer both options, like Thirsties, bumGenius, and Rumparooz

So tell us, what do you prefer, aplix or snaps?


  1. SNAPS!!! for sure. Worth the extra effort and tiny bit of time. So much more sturdy feeling and my toddler has never opened a snap diaper.


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