Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8 Reasons We Love Thirsties Cloth Diapers

One of our all time favorite cloth diaper brands is Thirsties. We have tried their Fab Fitteds with Duo Wraps, the Duo Diaper, and their new All In One - they are all amazing! Consistency is something I love about Thirsties, as well as their innovation - they always have something new coming out. It seems, how much better can a diaper get? Then they do it again and again, offering so many choices to us moms and our fluffy bum babies. Here are all the reasons we love Thirsties and why they are worth the investment.

  1. They are made in the USA: Many cloth diapers these days come from China, unfortunately. Way to support local companies and moms by buying Thirsties! The workmanship is excellent and of course you're better off buying something made here rather than flown in from overseas.
  2. Two perfectly fitting sizes: One size diapers are great, but come with a lot of bulk, especially for a newborn. Sized diapers offer a trim fit but usually come in 3 to 5 different sizes - great for emptying your wallet. Thirsties gives you the best of both worlds. Just two sizes birth to potty and a perfect fit every time. I always reach for Thirsties when I know my baby needs something trim under a specific outfit. 
  3. Two closure options: Some moms just don't like aplix. Some moms just don't like snaps. Thirsties caters to both! We love options, it's great to not have to choose between a great diaper and favorite closure preference. I've always been a snap-phile, I don't like that aplix wears out quite fast. 
  4. Custom absorbency: Yes, there are actually some diapers where adding a doubler just doesn't work, Thirsties isn't one of them. Very important with boys and heavy wetters like mine! All of the Thirsties diapers make it easy to double up.
  5. Awesome colors and prints: Cloth diapers need to be adorable! There, I said it. It is your little one's first fashion statement! Thirsties has few prints, but there isn't a single one I don't like. Same goes for colors, they are very well chosen.

  6. Reliability: This is why we love Thirsties, I know I can count on them. It was rare we've had a leak with them, only when we go really long between diaper changes. The Fab Fitted just rocks when it comes to newborn poop - never, ever leaked
  7. Affordability: It certainly isn't the cheapest diaper brand, but you can't expect that from a U.S. made product of high quality. But for what you are getting, I find it affordable. I would rather have a few dependable Thirsties diapers and wash often, than have many cheap diapers. 
  8. Ease of use: I find all the Thirsties options very simple to use, unlike some diapers we've tried. Their new All In One really topped it off for ease of use. I love that for all our Thirsties I never have to touch a dirty diaper to get an insert out!
So if you are in the market for your baby's first stash, need a diaper you can rely on, or just want to support U.S. made products - Thirsties are so worth a try. I'm guessing you'll fall in love just as we have!

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