Saturday, February 11, 2012

10 Things To Do With a Baby

I remember life with one baby as a stay at home mom. Some days seemed pretty long with hubby at work. Sure I worked from home part time, but it still seemed there was so much time to fill (with no adult to talk to). Now with two? I don't really need anything to fill time, I don't have any! Uhm, moms, what happens when you have five kids? So, back in LWOK (life with one kid) here are some things I liked to do just for fun. Not that you can't do them if you have more than one baby, it just gets more complicated!

1. Journal: I have kept a journal since I was eleven. I have many that are fun to read once in a while. After the first baby was born I wrote about once a month at best, now I'm lucky if I can find the time to write twice a year! 

2. Photo sessions: All moms know, they grow up so fast. So capture those moments! Even a basic camera can give you great shots. Just don't attempt anything without plenty of natural light, no flash, and click away, you may have a few great non-blurry shots if you take about 50! Hold a steady hand and get close to your baby. Try different outfits, props, baskets, blankets, cloth diapers, etc.

3. Bake: Something about baking from scratch that's therapeutic. Even making the most simple recipe makes you feel like a crafty mom. I actually bake a lot more now than I did with one baby, because I'm always hungry while nursing!

4. Strolls: I explored our entire neighborhood with a sleeping baby in a stroller. Short of learning every street name. If this was say 60 years ago, I probably would have made a few friends, or at least met some neighbors. Now for the most part homes and yards are empty. 

5. Pic nics: Since we only have one car, I would always be home with baby without one. But there isn't anything that could stop us from grabbing the blanket and strolling to the nearest green lawn for a lunch or even dinner pic nic (with hubby away working second shift). Pack a sandwich for yourself and some finger foods or puree for baby, don't forget lots of napkins or burp cloths to clean up any messes. Grab the camera of course!

6. Skype: You're not the only slightly bored mom. Connect with others over Skype, even if they do not live near you. I've done this with a few moms who stay home. 

7. Make lists: Like this one. I am not an organized person, to accomplish anything I need a list. Otherwise everything sits in my head and makes me go nuts. Lists of must do's. Lists of recipes. Lists of places I want to take my little one. 

8. Experiment with baby food: Once my little one started eating solids, it was a lot of fun trying out various veggies with her. Who knows what's in those jarred foods, even organic ones? Better off making and feeding your own. Actually the puree stage was very short, I started feeding the baby whatever we ate very soon. So making healthy meals from scratch for all of us eliminated the need to make anything separate for baby. I would just mash up whatever we were eating. 

9. Blog: I started my blog a month before giving birth to the first baby. It was certainly a worthwhile endeavor, a place to share myself, and a place to find other like minded moms. Even if you just blog for family on a private blog, it's worth it!

10. Grow a garden: Okay, so this is something I never did, but wished so. I don't have any land, we're in a condo and our tiny patch is sprayed with pesticides yearly. I could do some container gardening, no excuse really. Don't make lofty goals, just start out with something simple like herbs and tomatoes. 

When I had one baby I thought "Boy, life was slow without kids". With two babies I think "Boy, life was slow with one kid". I'm guessing the pattern continues? What do moms of three or more think?

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