Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Longies Review

I have always loved all things wool, not just for baby, but for myself as well. I even remember my own mother seeking out wool products for me when I was little, they were highly valued. I had the great pleasure of trying the Sustainablebabyish Wool Longies on my two month old son. They are made of 93% wool and 7% Lycra yarn for an incredibly soft, non-itchy blend. It may be used as regular clothing or a wool cloth diaper cover. I like it both ways. 

It was below zero today and after a week long fight with a virus (the whole family), I still wanted to take my toddler and two month old outdoors. It finally snowed, it was a must! I put these longies on baby T over his cloth diaper and he was cozy warm with his little legs dangling out of the Moby Wrap. I love how they fit him and even the fact that they are a little long, that way his legs aren't bare when I'm holding him or he is in the wrap. He is about 14 pounds and these are size x-small, I have the long cuffs rolled up. Yes, he is about to burst out crying in this photo, he wasn't in a picture-taking mood. 

The only issue I ran into is that the waist is very snug, it can be hard to put on over a fluffy cloth diaper bum. It does however guarantee that they will not slide down, they stay put very well. I just wish the waist was either a tad wider or adjustable somehow. Overall I'm very happy with these because they keep him warm, but not sweaty - not to mention super cute! They are very pricey, not really something that fits into my budget (the review longies were courtesy of Thanks Mama). At $64.95 they are quite an investment, a worthwhile one. They will fit for a while if you buy one size up and you really do not need more than a pair for two/three seasons, they do not nearly need to be washed as much as regular clothes. Wool is naturally dirt repellent, what mom won't appreciate that?!

Buy Sustainablebabyish Wool Longies at Thanks Mama ($64.95)

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