Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh NO the cold season!

Doesn't it just break your heart when your babies are sick? Both of my kids are getting over cold as we speak. Alisa must have picked it up at day care and two days later baby Erik was not his happy usual self, by night time he had runny nose and so uncomfortable that he could not fall asleep. Here is what I did to help them feel better naturally. Alisa is 3 years and 4 months old so we can use a variety of remedies to help her.
Let me go back and mention that starting some time in October, Alisa started taking daily supplement - vitamins/minerals, I get them at local Whole Foods, they are derived from concentrated fruits and veggies. Alisa loves them so I often use them as reward for "good behavior" something my daughter needs more of :) this way we kill two birds with one stone. I also give her about half of tea spoon of dark raw honey every day, I usually sneak it in her during cartoon watching. We also buy milk that has fish oil added to it, also sold at our Whole Foods Market. We have tried to add fish oil to her milk separately but she would not drink it. I feel that even a little is better than nothing. We also run humidifiers in both of our kids rooms at night and during naps, we start humidifiers as soon as we start to heat the house. Moist air helps to keep air ways clean and hopefully viruses get flashed away instead of settling in to multiply. Oh we also add probiotics to Alisa's milk. I would say every month or so I do a few days with probiotics, add to milk one time a day. I buy them in dry powder form.
When Alisa gets sick, I add to the above regiment warm Chamomile tea sweetened with raw honey, little by little throughout the day. When she coughs, especially at night I give her warm milk with honey, it usually works very well. When her symptoms are especially bad I give her homeopathic cold and flue syrup. I rub her chest with Respiratory Rub during the day and especially before bed, this helps to clear congestion. I sometimes put it on a cloth and put near her head so she can inhale the fumes during the night. This rub also helps with muscle pains and even back pain (used it on myself) To help with nasal congestion, we use saline mist by Little Noses, Alisa puts up a fight but it helps so I persist. This time around we also gave her additional D3 vitamin, a suggestion I got from a fellow mom.
With baby Erik we can't do many of these thing, he is only 8 months old so honey is out of question so is cold/flue syrup and vitamins. There is one great thing that I found and we added to Thanks Mama selection, this simple applicator really works, it is called Nose Frida, with a little practice you can clean infant's nose in no time. I've used it with Erik since he was 1 month old and still use it every time. We didn't have it when Alisa was little, I remember how difficult it was to see my newborn daughter all congested, unable to sleep, I used to seat with her in the bathroom during the night with hot shower on so she could get some relieve from warm, moist air. So now I clean Erik's nose with Nose Frida as needed, keep humidifier going and nurse. He gets my immunity with my milk, I am so glad I am able to do it. I use the rub on him too, I think it helps.
Both of my kids are much better (knock on wood) Alisa got over the worst of her cold in 2 days, missed only one day of day care. Erik has been sick for 2 days, he is clearly better today. We would love to hear what other moms do to help their children during the cold or how you prevent it.

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  1. What a devoted mama- coming up with so many solutions to ease and comfort your kiddos! I used to bring mine in the bathroom with me when I'd shower and the moisture would help loosen things (though I guess, in reality, they'd come in the bathroom anyway...never a moment alone!


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