Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cloth Diapering a Newborn

This week our newborn is seven weeks old and I can say that we really like cloth diapering! We started on day three and haven't looked back. I would say my favorite thing about it is not having to deal with any rashes or diaper creams! That was a nightmare with my first baby, whom we started cloth diapering at six months. Here are a few things I've learned during this month and a half. 

  • Prefolds aren't complicated or scary! I honestly thought I would not like them, but they were my favorite the first four weeks. Now he just pees too much for them to be very effective, but I still use them doubled up and with a stay-dry fleece liner. Too bad the little ones I have are getting too small on him at 12 pounds!
  • A few newborn size diapers are really nice to have. I wouldn't invest in an entire newborn stash, but they are great when you want a good fit. He already outgrew about six diapers, but I did love them while they fit. I guess that's exactly why Thanks Mama carries some perfectly sized newborn cloth diaper packages. It would still cost less than the crazy amount of disposables you would need that first month or two.
  • Boys pee. A lot! So much more than girls, or at least my girl. I never understood why doublers are needed until now! I pretty much use two inserts whenever I can with this boy, he soaks right through everything. 
  • Laundry is not time consuming at all. I have quickly learned that breastfed poop stains are not a big deal (perhaps because I do not use a dryer to set them), they come out with a couple of washes. I've also grown to love the Imse Vimse Gall Soap that is awesome at removing stains and especially those on microfiber. I also learned that a front loader is so much better with cloth diapers, we invested in one last month and our diapers have never been so clean! I love the sanitize cycle that I use every few washes. 
  • Blowouts are made for cloth diapers (and vice versa), really, disposables have nothing on them. I find that prefolds/covers, contour diapers, and fitted diapers are best for containing newborn blowouts.  
  • Wool is awesome for any redness. Since cloth diapers seem to keep rashes at bay for us completely, the only issue I ran into is some mild redness if I leave a poopy diaper on him to long (happens a couple of times a week). The best solution for that is - not a cream - but a prefold with stay dry insert and wool cover on top. 
  • When it comes to reusable wipes, you'll need more than you think! I thought I would be okay with a dozen, but you should make/buy at least as many as you have diapers, or even better if you multiply your stash by 1.5 and get that many. 
  • It's okay to cheat a little. I have a preferred brand of disposables that I've used for the first time with baby T, I really, really like them. At one point during the first week of sleepless newborn daze I even regretted I couldn't use them exclusively (they're expensive, and I have 30+ cloth diapers!), that's how much I like them. We used them the first three days and I used them at night for a couple of weeks as it seemed it was the only thing that would last the whole night without leaks or changes. I also used them when we visited family. Now that I'm out of them, I'm glad to be back to cloth exclusively and not having to spend money!

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  1. I also found that I like prefolds the most in the first few weeks, they just work! After about 2 months I start to prefer pockets and aio.


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