Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mother Ease AIO Diaper is truly leak proof

We have used many, many diapers on our two kids but very few as reliable as Mother Ease All in One Diaper. This diaper just does not leak! If this is not enough to convince you that they belong in your diaper bag, read further.
Mother Ease AIO features unique side snapping design that makes this diaper "breathable" because air is allowed through the side openings. The entire inside of the diaper is covered with highly absorbent cotton terry, the outside is very soft, flexible polyester. This one is AIO diaper without a compromise, no "tongue", no pocket, no doubler as simple as can be. Despite having all the layers of fabric sewn in together, this diaper cleans very well, we have not experienced any stinking issues at all. Drying time is slightly longer than microfiber diapers, which is expected, same as my other natural fibers diapers like hemp, bamboo and cotton.
The fit is different from all the diapers that we have ever tried, most cloth diapers have tight, close to the skin fit, this one is rather loose and airy, this construction, in addition to side openings, makes the diaper "breathable" which helps to keep diaper rush at bay. It is a bit puffy but not at all bulky. Legs and waist elastic is covered by cotton terry and fit snugly around the legs and waist with lots of room on the inside. I absolutely love how it fits my 7 months old baby Erik, I think this is the most comfortable diaper for him. Close fitting diapers do not pose a problem for girls but boys, in my opinion, would appreciate a looser fit (I think I got my point across now).
Did I already mention that these diapers never leaked? I use organic cotton/hemp doubler from Jam Tots during the night. Baby Erik often sleeps for 11 hours during the night (yes I know), even if he does wake up to nurse, I do not change his diaper. During the day I don't add anything to the diaper, not even for naps. When we go out, this is one of my very favorite diapers to use because it is so bullet proof, comfortable and trim.
Made in Canada by very experienced company that has been in cloth diapers making business for 18 years. Mother Ease actually has all the materials used in their products made specifically for them under strict guidance to insure the best quality and comfort. Their manufacturing facility is powered by 100% green energy generated by wind, solar and geothermal sources. How awesome is this! The price is more than reasonable for all in one diaper of this quality, from $15.95 for Small to $17.95 for XLarge. Take $1 off each diaper when you buy 12 or more. You can have this diaper in any color as long as it is White!
My toddler is out of diapers and is potty trained during the day but still goes at night so I am getting Mother Ease Bedwetter Pants for her, I am expecting overnight perfection from these so will see if they hold up to my high demands.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Imse Vimse Gall Soap Natural Stain Remover Review

Once you have kids, the words stain remover take on a different meaning - I'm sure all moms will agree! When you're single, there is the occasional stain here and there from not being careful. With kids it becomes an every day reality of life! Blueberries, avocados, ketchup, grass, spit up, poop, and stains of every color of the rainbow are not much fun to deal with. 

I've had the pleasure of trying the Imse Vimse Gall Soap on my newborn's clothing and wipes, as well as my cotton postpartum pads. This natural stain remover is completely safe and free of any chemicals. It reminds me a lot of the traditional Russian laundry soap that we used overseas, except this is like the liquid version of it. I have tried it on all newborn associated stains and it works great. I usually wash the stain by hand, then leave it to pre-treat, and toss in the wash with the laundry. It doesn't work as well on blood (it will remove most of the stain, but not completely), so I would reserve it for all those 'baby stains'. I have yet to try it with food, the only thing I have used it with so far is a blackberry stain on my toddler's merino wool shirt - came right off!

I can't say it is the best stain remover I have tried, as a matter of fact I haven't found that 'miracle' one yet. It works well, but may leave a trace of the stain behind. If I see that the stain isn't gone, I do not put the item in the dryer, I pre-treat it again and wash it again, that takes care of it in most cases. It doesn't have any strong smell or scent, which I like since we are very sensitive to smells in our family. I don't mind a little bit of essential oil for scent, but you will not find it in this product. 

The 250 mL bottle costs $7.75. At the rate I am using it, which is daily on about 3-5 pieces of clothing, I figured it will last about half a year. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks - especially for its non-toxic qualities, but if you know a stain remover that works even better, do let me know!

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