Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review: Bumkins One-Size Stuff-It Cloth Diaper on a Newborn

Our little bundle is finally here and we're so excited to be trying cloth diapers on a newborn little boy! It's very interesting, let me tell you. I thought my stash was huge. Then little baby T reminded me that newborns can go again, and again, and again - all in half an hour. I'm getting the hang of it and no longer change him the second he goes!

We recently tried the Bumkins One-Size Stuff-it diaper on our 5 day old son. Of course I didn't expect it to fit perfectly, it is huge really. If you're looking for a trim newborn diaper, this is not it. Now that he is a week and a half it actually fits a lot better. If you want a pocket diaper that is super easy to use, will do the job even on a newborn, and will fit all through cloth diapering years - Bumkins nailed it. I'm starting to really warm up to aplix closure, especially with a newborn. It's so much easier than snaps when the baby is kicking and wriggling, not to mention crying and waking everyone up in the middle of the night. You can see in the photo that it is huge on a 7 pound newborn, but nevertheless it works. Since the baby isn't crawling anywhere, it actually contains newborn poop quite well because it is so absorbent despite the gaps around the thighs. For wet diapers though it doesn't do so well with just the one insert it comes with, I would use a small hemp or bamboo doubler.

The diaper is extremely light, not at all bulky, a feature that I really like. I anticipate that after the baby puts on a few pounds it will fit really great, just need some of that baby fat on the waist and thighs. I also love the prints, we have the gender neutral green/blue Turtle print. The outside fabric is very nice to the touch, it is silky soft. It is reasonably priced at $14.95 each.This diaper washes great, I love that the insert comes out on its own in the wash. Overall just a very user friendly diaper - I like simple!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bumkins Bib Review

Toddlers are messy. Babies are messy. Bibs are lifesavers. I can't imagine not using bibs with my toddler, I would have so much laundry and ruined clothing! I actually know a few moms who don't bother with bibs. Not sure how, just because their babies didn't like them the first time they put them on. Recently our waterproof bib fell apart after frequent use. I was really excited to try this one on baby E today. We are already big fans of Bumkins bibs

This girly butterfly print is super adorable, but they have many to choose from, about 18 actually! I love that it can be wiped clean and easily rinsed. The size is generous for a baby, a little on the small side for my toddler, but sufficient. It is even big enough to pull out in front of her and place her plate right on it. That's what we've been doing all along since it virtually prevents any mess while she is learning to eat neatly. Otherwise everything just ends up on her lap, even with a bib such as Bumkins that has a catch-all pocket. 

The bib dries very fast and it is so easy to hand wash. We will see how this bib will stand the test of time, but according to other parent reviews it does last for years. Unlike the bib we had that fell apart after about seven months. At $6.95 it is a great buy considering it can even last more than one child and will not leave you with something ugly and stained. 

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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Cutest Diapers at Thanks Mama!

If you are as addicted to fluff as I am, you'll have to agree that cloth diapers are just way too cute. It's hard to resist buying just one more because it's cuter than the last one you got! I'm not too picky with cloth diapers, but I love to see something cute on my little girl and our newborn. Here are some of my favorites that we carry at Thanks Mama: 

  • Babykicks Bumboo Pocket Diaper: Super cute, one size, trim and thin.

  • Bumkins One-Size Stuff-It Cloth Diaper: This new diaper comes in really adorable prints and is quickly becoming a favorite among moms. Watch for a review of one once we get to try it with our newborn soon!

  • Fuzzi Bunz One Size Pocket: Our first diaper, adjustable, trim, and very dependable. Love the color variety, nice for matching to outfits.

  • GroVia All in One: Both the AIO and the shell come in some really adorable prints (trees, owls, airplanes) as well as solid colors. Trim fitting as well, no bulk.

  • Kissaluvs Marvels One Size All in One: We have this one in Lagoon Blue, throughout summer I always wanted to put this on my toddler with her dresses, it's so cute it has to show! Incredible fit on my girl and so adjustable.

  • KaWaii Baby Bamboo Minky Mom Label: It isn't the trimmest diaper we tried, but I love the soft minky outer, super cute and comes in fun colors and prints. Definitely a diaper that's cute enough to show.

  • Rumparooz One Size: Superb fit and a huge variety of colors and prints, aplix or snap versions, and the highly coveted gussets to contain messes. Super cute!

  • Rumparooz EcoPosh Recycled Organic: As if the original Rumparooz weren't cute enough, these are like the haute couture Eco version! We haven't tried them, but they look highly stylish with the contrast stitching. If I would be a celebrity, my baby would have a whole stash of these (gotta look good for paparazzi photos, you know?)

  • Thirsties Duo Cloth Diaper: One of our favorites, love the modern prints and colors. Also very dependable, a go-to diaper in the stash. Very trim fit with their two sizes birth to potty.

    What is your favorite cute diaper that you can't resist putting on your little one? Any on this list you would love to try?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Defending Your Choice to Cloth Diaper

With the holidays around the corner, you're likely to visit friends and family with your little one. I'm sure they'll be curious about that cloth diaper on your baby's bum and why you don't choose disposables. I'm glad to have relatives that, for the most part, embrace our choice to cloth diaper. But I know some of you may not have that luxury. Here are some things to convince them that cloth diapering is simply awesome!
  • Aren't they cute?! A great lighthearted first response that most people will agree with, they are simply cuter than the average plastic diaper! Why settle for any less for your little one that everyone (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) adores. Baby crawling around in a disposable - just okay. Baby crawling around in a cloth diaper - cutest thing ever. 
  • Cloth is cheaper. No doubt there will be lots of financial talk around the dinner table this season. One of the biggest reasons families choose to cloth diaper is that it is simply more affordable. These days when every penny counts, even the thousand dollars you save each year is meaningful. For us it is one of the biggest reasons we choose cloth. Buying a cloth diaper package makes them even more affordable. 
  • Look, no diaper rash! This was a biggie for us when our disposable diapered six month old had a diaper rash that simply wouldn't go away. I decided to try cloth and the rash was gone in one day. I would never go back to unwillingly torturing a baby like that again, no diaper rash cream would work on her. Some babies are just extra sensitive. 
  • Yes. I do laundry. One of the first things people ask is "Isn't that a lot of work to wash?" My answer usually sounds like this: "I do laundry several times a week anyway, another couple of loads don't make a difference. It's not like I have to wash them by hand like my mom did!" That takes care of the question. Once you figure out which cloth diaper detergent works for you, it's all pretty simple.
  • Do you really want to know what's in a disposable? Some people are simply not aware of the contents of a disposable diaper. They are essentially polyethylene and polypropylene plastic with bleached paper pulp, a gelling substance, petrolatum, stearyl alcohol, cellulose tissue, elastic, and perfume. No wonder some babies are prone to diaper rash with such an unnatural concoction. How about this, did you know lab rats exposed to disposable diapers straight out of the package have suffered increased eye, nose and throat irritation, as well as bronchial constriction similar to that of an asthma attack?
  • Would you want to wear plastic underwear? Finally, if they are not convinced, simply ask if they would be willing to switch to plastic underwear. Does that sound remotely comfortable? If you wouldn't want to wear that, why should our kids?
That last one really gets people, it always works. If we are wearing cloth underwear, there is really no reason we should subject our babies to the discomforts or toxins of plastic. Yes, on certain occasions perhaps it isn't a big deal when you just really need to use a disposable. But I have found that since we switched I've never had to use a disposable, not in the entire two years - not even for travel. Do you have any ideas on how to convince friends and family that cloth rocks?

Photo: Ivan Prole

Monday, November 7, 2011

Natural Prevention for Flu Season

Flu season. Seems like everyone I know is sick or feeling lousy. We do not have anyone in school or daycare, for the most part I attribute being healthy to that. But still we are constantly in contact with sick relatives, friends, and co-workers at my husband's job. Thankfully we have a little flu season routine that really seems to work for prevention. Why wait until you're sick? Whether you're just starting to feel the symptoms or you don't want to get sick in the first place, here are some strategies that work great for us and may work for you. 
  • Honey, garlic, lemon: This is our family staple for winter. Two cloves of garlic (lightly boiled for 60 seconds for kids or if you don't want to smell too bad), two tablespoons good quality honey, one table spoon fresh lemon juice. Taken before visiting people or being in public or at the first onset of flu/cold symptoms. 
  • Echinacea: I love the tea, but we also have it in whole herb capsule form for convenience. Take as directed on the package. 
  • Vitamin D: Tanning in the sun in my bathing suit for twenty minutes is unfortunately no longer an option in November, of course. That's why it is so important to get vitamin D some other way. Considering nearly 90% of the North American population is vitamin D deficient, this is a big deal. Your immune system simply will not function properly without enough vitamin D. Your best bet is a high quality, minimally processed, fermented cod liver oil. The next best thing is a vitamin D3 supplement in the form of cholecalciferol.  
  • Oscillococcinum: This homeopathic remedy has worked great for us. We all take it after we know we've been exposed to a sick person or at the first onset of symptoms, does the trick. It isn't very effective if you have already been sick for a couple of days though. 
  • Goldenseal: Not recommended for pregnant women, but otherwise a great immune system boost when you need it. This isn't something we take everyday as a supplement, only when needed. 
  • Probiotics: Your immune system also largely depends a proper gut balance. High quality probiotics help achieve that. You may just need some organic yogurt, or you may want a supplement. Just make sure to avoid anything synthetic, there are a lot of impostors on the market.
  • A healthy everyday diet: Don't expect not to get sick if your diet consists of the typical processed foods. High amounts of grains, sugars, corn, soy, additives, preservatives, and coloring will not only make you chronically ill, but a lot more susceptible to the seasonal flu. Instead opt for small amounts of whole grains, large amounts of healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, cod liver oil, full fat grass fed butter, raw milk cheese), and lots of colorful veggies. The vitamins and minerals in such a diet will go a long way in supporting your immune system.
  • Skip the sugar: With the exception of honey and maple syrup, we try to avoid as much processed sugars as possible. Sugar suppresses the immune system, it will not help you fight sickness, period. In fact, it will make you highly susceptible to getting sick. All. Winter. Long.
All of the above is of course great to be taken if you are already sick, but even better as preventative medicine or at the onset of symptoms. If it's a little too late, we do have two great products at Thanks Mama that can ease your care of an infant or toddler when they are sick. Try the Nose Frida aspirator and the Mother Earth Rosemary Petroleum Free Respiratory Rub to ease your little one's discomfort. 

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as medical advice, always consult your doctor. 

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Potty Training: Dealing with Accidents

Any mom to a toddler knows that potty training doesn't come without a few accidents here and there. Some days it seems like everywhere! As parents we have to be really careful with how we react to a toddler who just had an accident. We could ruin everything we've worked for with the wrong word or tone. Just the fact of the accident itself is enough for the toddler to realize that he or she should have gone on the potty. No need to raise your voice or punish for it. Here are some tips to get past the accident stage and on to dry clothes, carpets, and couches!
  • Speak softly: For me personally, it isn't easy not to raise my voice at my toddler when she pees in her undies yet again. I really have to make an effort to control my frustration. Raising your voice is not advised as it can backtrack your progress.
  • Use reassuring words: Encourage with phrases such as "Next time you'll ask to go on the potty, right?" or "It's okay, you were busy playing, but please remember to pee on the potty next time." The idea is to encourage, not put down or belittle.
  • Ask questions: Have a conversation with the toddler. Ask them where he/she was supposed to pee. Ask why they didn't ask to go on the potty or didn't go on their own. Ask where do big boys and girls go on the potty.
  • Prevent: I'm often just too busy to put my toddler on the potty myself. But when I remember, accidents are few and far between. They just need to be reminded. Make it a priority. Put them on the potty when you wake up, after breakfast, after lunch, before and after dinner, before bed, etc...
  • Repeat the basics: Sometimes the problem may be as simple as the potty being out of view or the toddler having trouble with taking off the pants/undies. My toddler is almost accident free if she is wearing simple pull down pants - can't say the same for jeans. She is also a lot more likely to use the potty if it's in the room where she is playing. 
  • Invest in some good cloth training pants: It's one thing when an accident happen at home, but when you're out and about it's a different ballgame. To save your sanity, good cloth training pants are simply a must. While you can deal with clean up from regular undies at home (if you don't mind cleaning a rug), I don't advise it for when you are outdoors or in public places! It will at least contain some of the accident, but still have the toddler feel the wetness. These have saved us on several occasions. Another great item to have out of the house? The biodegradable disposable potty!
It's a great feeling when your toddler finally is free of cloth diapers and you have less laundry. For us it is coinciding with the birth of our second baby, so it is a huge relief. For some it's an overnight process, for some it takes months. But it happens eventually, just be persistent and gentle - it will happen!

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