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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mother Ease at Thanks Mama

I first heard of Mother Ease diapers over 9 years ago when I first started cloth diapering. They were already well-known at that point. Since 1991 Mother Ease has been offering quality cloth diapers to parents like you and me. They hold to high quality standards and ensure that all diapers are made on site in their environmentally-friendly factory in Ontario, Canada.

The Mother Ease All in One cloth diapers are side snapping diapers that are highly breathable and feature Mother Ease’s side vents. The outer material is made from waterproof polyester that is bonded to durable urethane. The inner material is made from thirsty knit cotton terry. The diaper comes in three sizes, but the size ranges are broad so your little one may only need two sizes before potty training. The elastic on the diaper helps create a comfortable and stretchy fit. Thanks Mama offers the Mother Ease All in One diapers in all three sizes with a discount of $1 off each diaper when you purchase 12 or more.

The AirFlow Snap Diaper Cover has a built-in ventilation system between the snaps that allows air to circulate as your baby moves. The AirFlow Snap Diaper Cover is made from soft, durable, and waterproof fabric. The cover is designed to be used over Mother Ease’s fitted diapers, but can also be used with other fitted diapers and prefolds that are fastened with diaper pins or a Snappi. AirFlow Snap Diaper Covers comes in six different sizes that range from 6-45 lbs. They are available at Thanks Mama in all sizes and in a variety of prints and colors. Quantity discounts are available when you purchase 4 or more.

When potty training time comes around Mother Ease offers lightweight protection for your little one. Mother Ease Training Pants are easy to pull up and come with elastic at the legs and waist for a snug fit. The outer material is made from waterproof polyester with a layer of white cotton terry on the inside. It comes in three different sizes ranging from 20-60 lbs. They are available at Thanks Mama in white and prints.

As a mom it is always nice to find products that will help make life a little easier. Whether an all in one, a breathable diaper cover, or an easy pull-on training pant Mother Ease does just what their name implies. They ease life on mothers. That works for me. Take a peek at Mother Ease products at Thanks Mama. Maybe you will find something that will make cloth diapering a little easier for your family.

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