Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

While I've been cloth diapering since my was 2 months old, I was a bit late to jump on the diaper sprayer bandwagon. I would scrape everything off into the toilet, and as my son got older and began eating more solid food, it got pretty gruesome sometimes.

Finally, I tried the bumGenius Diaper Sprayer after over a year of the "scrape it all off" method. Now I can see why people love these things! It's a quick and easy way to get those sticky messes off the diapers.

It was very easy to install. My husband did it and it took only about five minutes. We haven't had any issues with leaks, and we live in a very old home.

My only advice is to test out the water pressure before spraying the diaper. I stupidly did not, and poop sprayed all over the bathroom! That is one mistake I'll never make again!

While I don't think it's necessary to have a diaper sprayer, it certainly makes things easier and a lot faster, too. It's especially great for those who are new at cloth diapering and haven't quite gotten over the "ick" factor yet.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thanks Mama Giveaway - Winner announced!

The winner of GroVia Product Sampler Giveaway is KarilynAley!
The winner needs to contact Thanks Mama at to claim her prize and to choose prints.
Thank you everyone for participating and making this Giveaway so successful! We look forward to hosting more events and giveaways in the nearest future :)
Watch out for our posts to learn about upcoming specials and news at Thanks Mama.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to fold pre-fold cloth diapers

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thanks Mama Giveaway $100 Value!

GroVia took cloth diapering world by storm when it started GroBaby line about 2 years ago. Today it is one of the most popular cloth diaper brands on the market. GroVia cloth diapring accessories fly off the shellfs, they are affordable and very well made, not to mention great prints and colors.

Thanks Mama will be giving away GroVia Products Sampler Package that will include:

Grovia All In One one size diaper in Organic Cotton - $21.95
GroVia Shell - 16.95
GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad (2 pack) - 16.95
GroVia Organic Cotton Booster (2 pack) - $8.50
GroVia BioSoakers (20 pack) - $7.99
GroVia Wet Bag - $6.75
GroVia Cloth Wipes (12 pack) - 10.95
GroVia Bio Liners (200 liners) - $10.00

The winner will be able to choose colors and closure types for all applicable products.

The Winner will be announced on Friday, February 18th.

Please follow instructions below, incorrect entries will not be counted. Good Luck :)

To enter Thanks Mama Giveaway you need to do one or more of the following and post a comment below this blog about each action you took with a link where it was done (each comment will count as a separate entry so your chances of winning increase)

1. Become a follower of this blog (if you are a follower already post which GroVia Shell color you like most)
2. Become a follower of Thanks Mama on Twitter (if you are a follower already post which GroVia Shell color you like most)
3. Tweet about Thanks Mama and include a link to any Thanks Mama product page
4. Become a fan of Thanks Mama on Facebook (if you are a follower already post which new GroVia Shell color you like most)
5. Comment about Thanks Mama on Facebook and include a link to any Thanks Mama product page
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7. Leave a comment about Thanks Mama on Diaper Pin
8. Leave a comment about Thanks Mama on Epinions
9. Write reviews on any two products at Thanks Mama
10. Want to earn extra entry? Discuss Thanks Mama on forums and post a link to any Thanks Mama Page - DOUBLE ENTRY each forum is its own double entry!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

bumGenius 4.0 and Elemental Artist Series on SALE!

bumGenius 4.0 Artist Series 5 Pack and bumGenius Elemental Artist Series 5 Pack are on sale for a limited time during March. Artist Series diapers are same as regular bumGenius 4.0 and Elemental One Size Diapers but come in 5 fashionable, bright prints.

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