Friday, December 9, 2011

Imse Vimse Gall Soap Natural Stain Remover Review

Once you have kids, the words stain remover take on a different meaning - I'm sure all moms will agree! When you're single, there is the occasional stain here and there from not being careful. With kids it becomes an every day reality of life! Blueberries, avocados, ketchup, grass, spit up, poop, and stains of every color of the rainbow are not much fun to deal with. 

I've had the pleasure of trying the Imse Vimse Gall Soap on my newborn's clothing and wipes, as well as my cotton postpartum pads. This natural stain remover is completely safe and free of any chemicals. It reminds me a lot of the traditional Russian laundry soap that we used overseas, except this is like the liquid version of it. I have tried it on all newborn associated stains and it works great. I usually wash the stain by hand, then leave it to pre-treat, and toss in the wash with the laundry. It doesn't work as well on blood (it will remove most of the stain, but not completely), so I would reserve it for all those 'baby stains'. I have yet to try it with food, the only thing I have used it with so far is a blackberry stain on my toddler's merino wool shirt - came right off!

I can't say it is the best stain remover I have tried, as a matter of fact I haven't found that 'miracle' one yet. It works well, but may leave a trace of the stain behind. If I see that the stain isn't gone, I do not put the item in the dryer, I pre-treat it again and wash it again, that takes care of it in most cases. It doesn't have any strong smell or scent, which I like since we are very sensitive to smells in our family. I don't mind a little bit of essential oil for scent, but you will not find it in this product. 

The 250 mL bottle costs $7.75. At the rate I am using it, which is daily on about 3-5 pieces of clothing, I figured it will last about half a year. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks - especially for its non-toxic qualities, but if you know a stain remover that works even better, do let me know!

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  1. Imse Vimse Wash Away Stain Soap is the best stain remover I have come across. It was out of stock for some time, just received it 2 days ago.


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