Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bumkins Bib Review

Toddlers are messy. Babies are messy. Bibs are lifesavers. I can't imagine not using bibs with my toddler, I would have so much laundry and ruined clothing! I actually know a few moms who don't bother with bibs. Not sure how, just because their babies didn't like them the first time they put them on. Recently our waterproof bib fell apart after frequent use. I was really excited to try this one on baby E today. We are already big fans of Bumkins bibs

This girly butterfly print is super adorable, but they have many to choose from, about 18 actually! I love that it can be wiped clean and easily rinsed. The size is generous for a baby, a little on the small side for my toddler, but sufficient. It is even big enough to pull out in front of her and place her plate right on it. That's what we've been doing all along since it virtually prevents any mess while she is learning to eat neatly. Otherwise everything just ends up on her lap, even with a bib such as Bumkins that has a catch-all pocket. 

The bib dries very fast and it is so easy to hand wash. We will see how this bib will stand the test of time, but according to other parent reviews it does last for years. Unlike the bib we had that fell apart after about seven months. At $6.95 it is a great buy considering it can even last more than one child and will not leave you with something ugly and stained. 

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