Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Green Living Confessions

Many of us read green living mom blogs and sometimes we can get the wrong impression. We think "this mom is so perfectly 'green' and has it all perfectly figured out". But I think any mom will tell you that the changes didn't happen overnight and that she has a very long way to go when it comes to perfection. The truth is, we're all just trying our best at any given moment. Some moments are more glorious than other. Some moments we need that disposable diaper. Some moments we reach for the frozen dinner. But as long as we strive for the best for our families day in and day out, that's what really counts. As a green mom blogger, I can assure you - things aren't always the way they seem! We are real too!

Some days I am too lazy to wash a recyclable container and throw it in the trash (especially when I want my husband to take out the stinky garbage asap).

Some days I let the water run when we brush our teeth so that my toddler can play with it. 

Some days I indulge in non-organic strawberries at my in-laws and let my toddler as well even though I know it is in the top three of the Dirty Dozen for pesticide content. 

Some days I need that extra long water consuming shower. 

Some days I'll eat a meal someone prepared in a toxic non-stick pan, because I'm either hungry or it would be absurd to decline considering there are millions of really hungry people in this world who would love to eat that meal. 

Some days I'm so busy working from home that I spend a total of half an hour one-on-one with my toddler. 

Some days the only 'vegetable' and the healthiest thing on our dinner plate is organic pasta sauce. 

Some days I buy minimal organic produce because I know our bank account can only take so much. 

Some days I wish I didn't make my own bread or nearly all meals from scratch, because frankly I'm exhausted just thinking about it every day!

So what's your secret? What do you do that's not so green and healthy?

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