Monday, September 19, 2011

Kissa's Pocket Training Pants Review

I have never imagined what potty training would be like. We're smack in the middle of it, I like to dream of it as the end of it... because I have a newborn to cloth diaper come November. We have successfully done all number two's on the potty for over three months. Number one's? Not so much. To help us get there we had the chance to review the Kissa's Pocket Training Pants.

Materials: Made with a flannel inner and waterproof PUL outer, these are designed perfectly for potty training. There is a thin, double layer microfiber insert inside, you barely notice it is there - but it is perfect for containing leaks.

Sizing: These training pants have a great, trim fit. Since there is a little room for extra inserts, they are not the trimmest, but close enough. They size 3T fits great over the slimmest pants and leggings on my 32 month old, 26 pound toddler. It is also very adjustable, we're using it on the smallest setting - so even if potty training takes longer than I hope, they will still fit. Unfortunately I can't say that for other trainers we have that she is outgrowing quickly. The size 2T fits 20 to 32 pounds and the 3T is for 28 to 40 pounds.

Performance: We absolutely love these Kissa's both in and out of the home. I save them for when we are outside. Unless there is a really big fountain of pee, they contain leaks great even without an added insert. We're just getting into trying trainers overnight since she has been waking up dry. This is the one trainer I would trust for that since I can put an insert in and she would still feel the wetness. They are rather easy to pull on and off, though my toddler hasn't mastered that with any training pants or undies yet. She just gets frustrated trying to take them off herself. 

Value: It is hard for me to justify paying $14.95 for toddler underwear, my husband wouldn't get it. But the big plus is that it can be used as a diaper as well when stuffed. If you get other less expensive training pants or undies, it's great to at least have a few of these because they are very dependable for outside the house. Oh, and we also love that they are made in the U.S.!

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