Monday, September 12, 2011

KaWaii Baby Bamboo Minky Mom Label Diaper Review

We love cloth diapers around here, especially trying out new ones! Just look at our little tester's [just woke up, morning] face, skeptical of whatever comes her way. A quick little intro on myself and why my cloth diaper reviews are worth reading. I am a mom who thought she would not cloth diaper until her firstborn had an unrelenting rash for the entire first six months of life. My name is Anastasia and I blog at Eco-Babyz, where we have tested one too many cloth diapers (among other things) and lived to tell about it! I will be bringing you some fab diaper and baby gear product reviews here at Thanks Mama. You'll read a lot of my parenting thoughts and escapades too! My toughest critic pictured on the left, gives me enough to write about for eons. I'll be giving birth to another critic come November. Yeay, we'll finally be trying cloth diapering a newborn!
Today we're bringing you the dirt on the KaWaii Baby Bamboo Minky Mom Label diaper. 

Materials: If I were to categorize this material with one word, it would be 'soft'. Inside and out. These are made of breathable, anti-bacterial, and super absorbent Grade A 100% organic bamboo. Perfect qualities for a cloth diaper. I find myself wanting to put this diaper on her just because they are so, so soft. The softest diaper in our stash. The outer shell is a Minky polyester plush velour, laminated with TPU - Thermoplatic Polyurethane (an newer, improved version of PUL). 

Sizing: Designed to fit 8 to 36 pounds, the KaWaii Baby Bamboo Minky delivers when it comes to adjust-ability. Not exactly small enough enough for a newborn (she was 6 lbs 12 oz) unless you have slightly above average babies. It will be a little bulky, but still usable. I would say it's absolutely perfect for three months and up without too much bulk. It is pictured below on the second rise setting. 

Performance: The diaper performed excellent on our 26 pound, skinny 2.5 year old. Super absorbent and versatile. Use as many inserts as you need. We found one sufficient for day time and two more than enough for night time. She isn't a heavy wetter and with potty training in progress she even wakes up dry sometimes. At least I know that if she decides to go, I will not be waking up in a puddle. The insert has four layers of bamboo, great folded in half for newborns. I love the way this diaper washes and that the material doesn't hold stinkies like microfiber. We dry it indoors on a rack and it stays super soft - always. It does take longer to dry though than all of our other diapers. I'm willing to live with that for everything this diaper has to offer!

Value: At $12.99 a pop I've got to say this diaper is a pretty good deal. You may not put it on a newborn (at least not the size of babies I give birth to), but technically it is a birth to potty diaper with a lot of bang for your buck! It's a really good price for a diaper considering the material as well. 

Buy the KaWaii Baby Bamboo Minky Mom Label diaper at Thanks Mama! Buying just five of these will get you Free Shipping!


  1. My daughter was born 7 pounds even, and we put these on her when she was only a month old. She was exclusively breastfed at that point, so she lost a little bit of weight at birth, and these diapers still fit her when she was a month old.

    They are unparalleled in fit, functionality, and absorbency, in my opinion. The bamboo is just so much more absorbent than cotton. Like you said, 2 bamboo inserts is usually more than enough at night, and my daughter IS a heavy wetter sometimes.

    In the 6 months that we've been using these diapers, the only time we've had a leak is when we waited too long to change her (as in, my hubby and I got our wires crossed: he thought I'd changed her, I thought he'd changed her, etc.). Other than that, we have NO LEAKS with this diaper.

    Also, it is worth noting that the no-leak situation, I believe, is due largely in part to the secure elastic bands that go around the legs AND the tummy/back. We've had many poopy diapers just threatening to leak, but the poop was not able to "blow out" up her back because the elastic held the diaper snugly in place at her tummy/back.

    All in all, I would easily recommend these diapers. You just can't go wrong here!


  2. Your daughter is so cute- that is hilarious. We love the kawaii diapers over there. I wish I would've known about cloth diapering with my first child; now that I got the hang of it, I like it much better than the whole disposible mess.


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