Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rockin Cloth Diaper Care. Win it free!

Rocking Green is rocking cloth diapering world! Three unique formulas created to work best in their elements: hard water, soft water or normal water. These green detergents come in a few fabulous scents, for example Mighty Mighty Marshmallow or Rage Against the Raspberries. Don't these names make you want to know what they smell like? And of course these detergents are not just for diapers, they work great on everything.
Rocking Green also has a product made specifically for those times when your diapers start to stink even after good washing and diaper rush starts to creep on your darling's bum, it is called Ammonia Bouncer, I know I could have used it once or twice.
Does it take multiple drying cycles to dry your diapers stash? My dryer worked perfectly right until warranty on it has expired, now more often than not I have to run a partial second cycle to get a load really dry not almost dry. My older daughter is out of diapers but I am truly looking forward to April's arrival or a brand new cloth diapers user :) and to dry my enormous stash in one cycle, I will be adding Wool Dryer Balls. They should cut drying time up to half! Will try and will report.
We've been wanting to be able to offer a good line of cloth diaper cleaning and maintaining solutions to Thanks Mama customers. With addition of Rocking Green line I feel this goal is complete.

We are going to send one pack of Rocking Green detergent to one winner. To enter this Giveaway you will need to leave a comment containing the following:
What State you live in
What type of water you have at your house (hard, soft or normal)
What scent of Rocking Green detergent you want to try the most
If you don't already follow us on either blog, Facebook or Tweeter, please do so as well.
The winner will be announced on January 21st.


  1. I live in Oregon, I have normal water. I would love to try the Lavender Mint Revival scent! I follow you blog, Facebook and Twitter!
    what_mama_wants at yahoo dot com

  2. New York
    Normal to hard water.
    Scent: The Plain Green Tea's.
    Follower via GFC {Rebecca Orr}, FB {Bekki Orr}, and Twitter {@bekki1820cb).
    Thanks for the chance!
    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  3. I live in Virginia, with hard water.. I would love to try the Motley Clean scent. I follow you via GFC

  4. Maryland
    Normal water (balanced, according to the neighborhood well-master)

    Rage against the Raspberries!

  5. I live in Florida, I have normal water and would love to try Orangevana scent!
    I follow your blog via GFC (Maybelline Valenti)
    I follow @ThanksMama on twitter as @Maybelline_V
    I like Cloth Diaper store Thanks Mama on FB (Maybelline Valenti)

  6. I live in Idaho and Rockin -- not Rocking :)--Green said my area needs Classic Rock.
    I'm curious about the Mighty Marshmallow.
    I heard about this giveaway via your post on FB.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I just gave one of my bags away to my SIL who will be cloth diapering her newborn twins. :)

  7. I live in Northwest Washington. We have regular water. I think I would want to try the Orangevana. I also really want to try the funk rock!
    I follow you on twitter as mamahen16 and on facebook too.

  8. Massachusetts, normal water?, and I would like to try Rage Against the Raspberries. I like the store on FB and keep up with the blog that way. I do not have or want a twitter.

  9. I live in Virginia, I have normal water, I would try Smashing Watermelons (but I usually just buy bare naked), and I follow you on the blog, facebook, and twitter.

  10. I live in Oregon with normal water. I'd love to try Rage against the raspberries.
    I have liked you on FB (Honie G.), but don't have a twitter

  11. Hi there!
    I live in Washington State and have normal water.
    I would LOVE to try "Lavender Mint Revival"
    I am a Facebook follower (under Kathryn Camille Stevens) and I follow this blog through Google friend connect. Hope I win- thanks! :)

  12. I live in Maine and have "normal" water (as opposed to all that abnormal water out there:)). I want barenaked babies, since I tend to be sensitive to scented things.

  13. I live in Mass. and although we supposedly have normal water I'm pretty positive it's actually hard. I really want to try the Rage against the Raspberries, and I already follow the blog and facebook

  14. I live in Indiana. I have hard water. I would love to try Rage against the Raspberries. I follow your blog and facebook.

    Elizabeth K
    elizabetknost AT gmail DOT com

  15. I live in Texas and have extremely hard water. Would love to try motley clean. I follow you on FB

    diaperville at gmail dot com

  16. I live in Pennsylvania and have pretty normal water. I'd love to try Motley Clean AND the Ammonia Bouncer...I seem to have issues with ammonia smells. I follow you mainly on Facebook.

  17. I live in North Carolina and have normal water. I would LOVE to try Mighty Might Marshmallow!! I follow you on FB!!

  18. Kentucky
    Hard Water
    Smashing Watermelons

  19. Live in Kansas, have hard water, would like to try mighty marshmallow
    Follow on FB ( Missy Huntington) and on Twitter @eeyoresgr8

  20. I live in VA with hard water. I'd love to try the Rockin Green Soap Rage against Raspberries. I already follow you on Google Reader.

  21. Utah
    VERY hard water
    I want to try Marshmallow
    mrsdresses at gmail dot com

  22. Already a follower!
    I live in Iowa
    Normal to hard water
    I would love to try the Mighty Mighty Marshmallow.
    heatherandscott030709 at gmail dot com

  23. I live in MN, have normal water, and would love to try the "lavendar mint revival!" I'm a follower via GFC. 4philys at gmail dot come

  24. I'm in South Carolina
    I have soft water
    Lavender Mint sounds fantastic but would love to try them all
    i follow on facebook lynch_7 at yahoo

  25. I live in Minnesota.
    I have disgusting, gross, nasty HARD water =[
    I want to try Rage Against the Raspberries scent.

    GFC: SondraMama
    FB: Cassondra Law
    Twitter: @sondramama


  26. I made a mistake on my earlier post, i have normal water

  27. I live in Pennsylvania, I have normal to Hard water. I am getting ready to follow you on Facebook. I would like to try the Rage against the Rasberries scent. I am still trying lots of cloth diapering items.

  28. I live in Alaska and have Hard Water! I follow you on Facebook and I follow your blog! I would like to try the Rage Against the Raspberries!!!

    kelseylynn_05 at yahoo dot com

  29. I live in Iowa, I have regular water. and I would love to try the Rage against the Raspberries scent. I follow you on your blog, twitter, and on facebook!!!

    lexisuby at yahoo dot com

  30. I live in Texas. We have normal water here. I'd like to try the motley clean scent.
    I follow on your blog, FB, and twitter.
    knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

  31. I live in Massachusetts, just like Thanks Mama :-)
    Pretty sure we have hard water here.
    My little guy has sensitive skin, so I'd like to try Bare Naked Babies.
    I follow you on FB and Twitter @abrooks1

    andy57lp at yahoo.com dot com

  32. Pennsylvania with hard water. I am expecting my second child in a month (!) and have decided to give cloth diapering a shot this time around! I love the Thanksmama site and have been busy building up a list of things to order! I would love to try Rage against the raspberries. I'll have to add you to fb!

  33. I live in GA!!!!
    I would love to try the Lavender, well all of them, Im new to cloth with my second coming within the next month.
    I have normal water
    I found you on Amazon, then your store, then your FB, and now your blog!

  34. I live in WA
    hard water
    smashing watermelon
    gfc follower
    Kristin15172004 AT yahoo DOT com

  35. FL
    hard water
    Plain Green Tea
    Follow on GFC, FB, and Twitter
    fawnfare at gmail dot com

  36. I live in MI
    Our water is normal
    Would like to try smashing watermelons
    Already follow via GFC (lulu)
    Already like on FB (lama f)
    Already follow on twitter (lulubunny1)

  37. i live in Florida with normal water
    i would like to try smashing watermelons
    follow via gfc
    like you on fb

  38. I live in California
    We have hard water
    Our daughter is sensitive so the Bare Naked Babies sounds good
    Follow you on FB


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