Friday, August 27, 2010

GroVia Diapers

GroBaby has a new name.  The GroBaby company introduced their GroBaby diaper in 2009.  The popularity of the diaper caused much growth in the company.  The company declared that their growth was via a diaper.  So to honor that diaper, they renamed their company GroVia.  Now GroVia is much more than a GroBaby diaper.  GroVia produces all in one diapers, hybrid diapers with cotton and disposable inserts, pail liners, wet bags, diaper detergent, and more.

GroVia All in One Diapers are one size diapers made with waterproof outer material and inner soft organic cotton material.  They are designed to fit from 10-35+ lbs and sizing is adjusted by snaps on the front of the diaper.  Stretchy tabs and side snaps provide a good fit.  The quick dry design helps save money on drying costs.  Because of the stretchy sides they can also be used as training pants.

GroVia also comes in a 2 in 1 Hybrid version.  This one size diaper has three separate size settings to allow for long-term usage.  The Shell Set comes with an outer waterproof shell and an inner organic cotton snap in soaker pad.  When the diaper is wet simply change out the organic cotton soaker pad.  GroVia Shells without the inner cotton soaker are also available in snap and hook and loop closure options.  If you use disposable diapers part-time then the GroVia Hybrid diaper may be a great choice.  The GroVia company has created a disposable pad to be used with the GroVia shells so you can use the organic cotton soaker pads or the natural flushable BioSoaker pads in the same shell.

GroVia isn’t limited to diapers alone.  They make pail liners, wet bags, laundry detergent and more.  Pail liners are a necessity if you wish to keep your diaper pail from getting dirty.  They also help with transporting diapers to the washing machine.  GroVia’s pail liners are colorful and keep wetness inside.  Wet bags are used to hold a smaller amount of wet or soiled diapers.  They are most commonly used as a way to store soiled or wet diapers while you are on the go.  GroVia offers wet bags in bright colors and prints.  If you have been searching for a laundry detergent made for cloth diapers you may want to consider GroVia’s Tiny Bubbles Laundry Detergent.  It is designed to be gentle on your baby and safe for cloth diapers.

The GroVia company offers many different products for cloth diapering families.  From all in one diapers that can also be used as training pants to a flushable pad with a waterproof shell to colorful pail liners there is an option for everyone.  Thanks Mama offers a wide variety of GroVia products to help you find the diapering solution that works best for your family.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn

There is something exciting about putting on your baby’s very first cloth diaper.  Surrounding your baby in comfort gives a sense of satisfaction.  If you are brand new to cloth diapers it can be difficult to decide what to buy.  The options are numerous.  Not only are there different styles of diapers, but there are a great number of brands for each style.

The first decision you need to make is how often you plan on washing the diapers.  Typically cloth diapers should be washed every 2-3 days, but some choose to wash daily.  For newborns you will need enough diapers for at least 12 diaper changes per day.  Allow 2-3 extra diapers to account for washing time.  So if you plan on washing every 2 days you will need at least 26 diapers.  If you are using diapers that require a diaper cover you will need at least 5-6 diaper covers.  During the newborn period diaper covers will need to be changed more often if you are using prefolds versus a fitted diaper with elastic at the legs and waist like the Kissaluvs size 0 diaper.

In addition to diapers you will also need a diaper pail liner and a wet bag for the diaper bag.  The diaper pail liner will keep your diaper pail dry.  Many families simply use a kitchen style garbage can for a diaper pail and purchase a pail liner.  Hanging diaper pails are also available.  The wet bag will hold all wet and soiled diapers while you are on the go.  Wipes are also a necessity.  During the newborn period you will go through more wipes so you will need at least 1-2 wipes per diaper.

For someone brand new to cloth diapering it is helpful to start off with a sampler package.  This will help you get to know the different styles and brands to choose the one that works for your family the best.    Thanks Mama’s Basic Newborn Package will give you what you need to wash daily.  It contains 15 different diapers, 5 diaper covers, a wet bag, a pail liner, and wipes.  While most of the diapers are prefolds it gives you the opportunity to try out fitted diapers, contour diapers, and all in one diapers as well as five different styles or brands of diaper covers.

If you are sure you want to use easy-to-use diapers then you may want to consider Thanks Mama’s Easy To Use Cloth Diapers Package.  It comes with 16 all in one or pocket diapers as well as 6 prefolds to add to the pocket diapers to increase absorbency.  You will be able to try out 7 different diaper styles to discover the best one for your family.  It also comes with 12 wipes, a wet bag, and a large tote to hold dirty diapers.

Thanks Mama’s Deluxe Newborn Package will give you what you need to wash every other day.  It also gives you a variety of diapers so you can try out different styles of diapers to see which style suits your family the best.  It comes with 29 diapers including 8 prefolds, 8 fitted diapers, 2 contours, and 11 all in one diapers.  It also comes with 6 different diaper covers, a wet bag, a diaper pail liner, and 25 wipes.  If you aren’t sure if all-in-ones, fitted diapers, or prefolds are the right choice then this package can help you try them all out to find a system that works best for your baby.

Once you have your cloth diapers in hand you must face the most difficult decision of all.  You will have to choose which will be the first cloth diaper to put on your baby.  The options are daunting, but if you start out with a package deal you can try them out before you commit to a certain style or brand and save a little money at the same time.  Check out more newborn cloth diaper packages at Thanks Mama.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thanks Mama Giveaway!
Bundle of baby products over $100 value

Bumkins Deluxe Diaper Bag $69.95 value

The Deluxe Diaper Bag is both funtionable and fashionable. Its bold and graphic print extends the life of this bag to long after the days of toting diapers are over.

  • Lined with Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric
  • Easy to clean, water resistant exterior
  • 5 Exterior Pockets, including one zip pocket
  • 4 Interior pockets, including one zip pocket
  • Zip closure, and adjustable strap
  • Includes matching changing pad
FuzziBunz One Size Diaper $19.95 value

The FUZZIBUNZ ONE SIZE diaper is adjustable through adjustable elastic, NOT snap downs on the front of the diaper like most one size diapers on the market today. Similar to adjustable waistbands for children and maternity wear, the waist and legs have been made customizable through a button / elastic adjustment system. So instead of 3 length settings, you can set to 8+ very customizable sizes. Instead of NO waist settings, you have up to 4+. So you have a SUPER adjustable diaper without an excess of snaps. It may take a bit of "adjusting" to get to the right size, but when you find the right fit, you set it and forget it.

Animals Mini Puzzle Pack by Melissa and Doug $ 9.99 value

Small enough to take with you in your new Deluxe Diaper Bag and keep your kid busy when you are on the go. This wooden set of four, 4-piece wooden animal puzzles features raised pieces for easy grasping, and matching pictures under pieces. Slide out puzzle trays include color-coded organizer tabs and come in a compact, stay-closed travel case!

Kissaluvs Premium Organic Wipes 3 pack $ 5.99 value

Irresistible fashion prints in the softest flannel on one side and a sumptuous organic cotton velour on the other make these wipes Hip, Green and Gorgeous. Choose from a yummy Two Scoops, or a Dino-Mino for your lively boy or a dreamy Mermaid print! You'll love the dash of color they will add to your diaper bag or your cloth diapering journey.

The Winner will be announced on Friday, September 3rd.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simply Marvelous Diapers

Kissaluvs has been a well loved brand of cloth diapers for many years. Their diapers have been known for their comfort, durability, and absorbency. Kissaluvs Marvels are one-size and come in all in ones, fitted diapers, and diaper covers.

The Kissaluvs Marvels One Size All in One Diaper is made with colorful waterproof outer material and soft stay-dry fleece up against your baby’s skin. It is designed to fit from approximately 7-35 lbs. Sizing is adjusted on the front of the diaper with snap settings to give you three different sizes. It goes on and off your baby easily with snap closures and features elastic at the legs and waist to help contain messes. This All in One Diaper has a pocket allowing you to add absorbency for heavier wetting times. One unique aspect of this diaper is the ease of washing. The inner soaker of the diaper agitates out during the wash to aid in cleaning and quicker drying.

The Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted Diaper is designed to fit from approximately 10-40 lbs. The outer fabric of the diaper is made from cotton and is available in bright and colorful prints. The inner material is made from soft bamboo velour. Sizing is adjusted by a patent-pending fold down design that allows you to fold down the top of the diaper before snapping it on your baby. Kissaluvs Marvels Fitted Diapers do require the use of a diaper cover.

The perfect companion to the Kissaluvs Marvels Fitted Diaper is the Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Diaper Cover. The Marvels diaper cover is a one-size cover designed to fit from approximately 8-40 lbs. It is made from durable water-resistant PUL in fashionable colors. It features gentle elastic at the legs and gussets to help contain messes. Sizing is adjusted with snaps on the front of the diaper cover. It can also be wiped clean and hung to dry between uses. One added feature of this diaper cover is that it is designed to decrease the bulk between the legs at the larger size settings.

If you are looking for simply marvelous diapers then take a peek at Kissaluvs Marvels. The Kissaluvs Marvels are good quality diapers that are made in the USA. Visit Thanks Mama and check out the great selection of Kissaluvs Marvels diapers and covers.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Rid of Cloth Diaper Stains

If you have ever cloth diapered a baby you know that stains come with the territory. While stains don’t affect the function of the diaper, they are not pleasant to look at. There are some things you can do to get rid of stains and prevent stains from getting on your baby’s cloth diapers.

When I first started cloth diapering I dried my diapers on a clothes line. The sunshine worked as a natural bleaching process and my cloth diapers were stain-free. The sun is the most natural way to rid your diapers of stains. Repeated washings can also do the trick. I have had some stains slowly come out after the diaper was used and washed several more times. If you have stubborn stains try hanging your diapers in the sun. If you don’t have a clothes line you can try laying the diapers on the grass to soak up the natural bleaching of the sun.

Not everyone has access to the sun or time to hang the diapers on a clothes line. Imse Vimse’s Wash Away Stain Soap may be what you need. This soda wash soap comes in a block shape and should be used to pre-wash any stains. Thirsties Pre-Wash Cloth Diaper Detergent is a solution that is used to pre-wash your diapers. It will help prevent stains from setting in your baby’s cloth diapers.

Preventing the stains from getting on the diapers in the first place is helpful. Some parents use liners like fleece liners or disposable liners. Fleece liners like Bummis Fleece Liners or Imse Vimse Stay Dry Liners will provide a barrier between the diaper and your baby to keep stains off your diapers. Disposable liners like Kushies Flushable Biodegradable Liners or Imse Vimse Flushable Liners also help prevent stains from getting on your diaper by providing a barrier between the diaper and your baby. Washing more frequently will also give the stains less time to set in your baby’s cloth diapers.

While stains are commonplace in cloth diapers there are some things you can do to remove stains and prevent them from getting on your diapers. Thanks Mama is a one stop cloth diaper shop that provides a wide selection of cloth diapers and accessories to help you keep your baby’s diapers sparkling clean.

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