Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers on Sale

We were counting and organizing our FuzziBunz inventory and found quite a few perfect size diapers that are not consistent with the most recent design. So we put them on sale for $13, that's $4.95 saving per diaper. These diapers are perfectly fine and are not defective at all. Some of them have pointy tabs, some have skinnier square tabs. All come with one microfiber insert that is wider than the most recent version. This is a great opportunity to stock up on FuzziBunz and save. Most of our stock is in size large (25-45+lbs) but we still have some in size Small too (7-18lbs)

Pettite Toddler size (20-30lbs) is also on sale for $13.75

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flipping over diapers

Have you flipped about Flip diapers yet?  Moms are discovering the Flip diaper system and are liking what they see.  But Flip diapers aren’t the only new diaper system from the makers of BumGenius.  EconoBum diapers have stepped up to the plate.  If you are looking to save money and use a high quality diapering system then check out EconoBum diapers. 

Econobum diapers are one size diaper covers that will fit over fitted diapers and prefolds.  If you purchase the EconoBum system it comes with a one size cotton unbleached prefold that you would need to fold differently depending on the size you need.  The EconoBum one size diaper cover is made from laminated polyester and has elastic at the legs and back to help contain leaks.  Sizing is adjustable to a small, medium, or large by changing the snap settings on the front of the diaper.  The EconoBum diaper cover is a front snapping cover with double snaps on each side that snap onto a single row.  A single one size EconoBum diaper cover with a one size prefold is priced at an affordable $9.95.  If you want more than a single diaper you can opt for the whole kit that comes with three one size covers and twelve one size prefolds for only $49.95.

The Flip diaper system features a one size cover and an insert.  To use the flip system you wipe out the cover after you remove a wet insert and then reuse it with a clean insert.  The one size diaper cover is made from 100% polyester and has elastic at the legs and back to help prevent leaks.  Sizing is adjustable to a small, medium, and large size by the snap settings on the front of the diaper.  The one size diaper cover features stretchy tabs and double snaps to help you get a better fit.  Not only do the flip diaper covers come in white, but you can add 8 different colors to your cloth diapering stash.  The inserts are available with a stay dry layer or in organic cotton.  The sizing on the inserts is adjustable by folding the inserts to fit the size of your Flip cover.  While the Flip diaper system isn’t as economical as the EconoBum system, it is still an affordable option.  For a single Flip diaper system with a stay dry insert it is $16.95.  The organic insert with the Flip diaper is priced at $19.95.  You can purchase these in kits to save as well.  The stay dry kit comes with 2 one size Flip covers and 6 one size Flip inserts for only $49.95. The organic kit comes with 2 one size Flip covers and 6 organic Flip inserts for only $59.95.

So which is it?  Are you flipping over the Flip diapers or are you saving lot of money using EconoBum diapers?  Or are you sitting on the other side of this computer screen wanting to try them out?  If you haven’t tried them yet, check out Thanks Mama for a great selection of Flip diapers and EconoBums.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Diaper rash while cloth diapering

I first encountered diaper rash when my oldest child was several months old.  Before my son was born I was given some zinc oxide ointment.  Because I was using cloth diapers I avoided using any ointment.  My son hadn’t needed any until then.  I applied the zinc oxide ointment and the rash didn’t go away.  I tried baking soda baths and the rash didn’t go away.  I considered the diapers I was using, but I hadn’t changed anything.  I tried giving him lots of air time out of a diaper.  This rash continued for a couple of weeks.  Sometimes it would almost go away and then it would come back again.  When it started to blister up above his diaper on his back I took him to his pediatrician.  As soon as the pediatrician saw the rash she prescribed medication.  Once my son was on the medication his rash went away and stayed away.

But this was not my only encounter with diaper rash through the years.  In most cases any instances of diaper rash were caused by not changing my baby often enough.  If I left my baby in a diaper too long the wetness would cause redness.  If I let it continue it would have turned into a full-blown rash.  The causes of diaper rash are varied.  It could be due to wetness, not changing the diaper often enough, sensitivity to certain chemicals or detergents, detergent build-up, chafing, introduction of solids, or the food the mother eats when breastfeeding.  The first thing I do when I encounter a little redness during a diaper change is to put the baby in a stay dry diaper like a Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heiny, or BumGenius.  This helps the baby feel drier even if I miss changing a diaper as soon as my baby wets.  Ideally you should change a diaper as soon as a baby wets, but this may not always be possible.  If the problem was minor, a half a day in stay dry diapers usually took care of the redness. 

If the redness persisted or if I had a full-blown rash I would use a little zinc oxide ointment on the inflamed area.  Zinc oxide isn’t a friend to cloth diapers.  Depending on the cloth diapers you use it could damage them so it is always a good idea to use a barrier between the ointment and your diaper.  You can use disposable liners to prevent the ointment from getting on your diaper.  You can also use some microfleece strips cut up into rectangles.  Microfleece doesn’t unravel so no sewing is necessary.  If you don’t have either of those, use a soft washcloth or some wipes to help prevent the ointment from getting on your diaper.

If you encounter diaper rash, start off by making sure the inflamed area stays dry.  Consider any changes to your baby’s diet, your washing routine, the possibility of detergent build-up, or your food intake if you are breastfeeding and make necessary adjustments.  Some parents give their baby lots of air time where the baby is diaperless.  If you have a young baby you can lay your baby on a waterproof mat.  Baking soda baths can be soothing. 

While diaper rash is a common occurrence in babyhood in many cases it can be dealt with quickly at home.  You should always contact your child’s doctor for any persistent rash.      

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Winner of Thanks Mama Giveaway!
The winner is "tgal" post # 58. The winner needs to contact us at to claim her 4 Pack of Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Contour Diapers. Congratulations to tgal and thank you everyone for participating!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kushies...something to save about

I first met Kushies diapers eight years ago when a box of Kushies Classics and covers arrived on my doorstep.  I was new to cloth diapering and Kushies when I jumped in with both feet.  Kushies diapers are a popular brand that definitely have a place in the cloth diapering world.  Kushies offers affordable, yet quality diapers.  They provide parents easy to use diapering options without the hefty price tag.

Kushies Ultra All in One diapers come with a waterproof exterior and a flannel interior.  You can also find these in a lightweight waterproof exterior version.  The prices vary a little depending on the size, but range from $8-$12 per diaper.  Most all in one diapers cost over $14 per diaper.  Their sizing also allows you to use a diaper longer too.  The infant size goes from 10-22 lbs and the toddler size goes from 22-45 lbs.   I have been informed on more than one occasion that a family decided to cloth diaper because they were able to purchase all in one diapers at this lower price. 

Kushies also offers a unique option in the Kushies Classic.  It has flannel on the interior and exterior with a waterproof barrier in between.  This allows you to use this diaper during the day or lighter wetting times without a cover.  While it is priced similar to the Kushies Ultra diapers they also have the same sizing so you will need to purchase two diaper sizes instead of the typical three sizes (small, medium, and large).

Kushies also offers a lost cost fitted diaper.  The Kushies Basic fitted diaper is made from flannel.  It has fitted legs and hook and loop closures.  Depending on the size and quantity you purchase, you can get these fitted diapers between $6-$7.  Most fitted diapers cost several dollars more per diaper. 

The cost savings don’t stop there.  Kushies offers different types of diaper covers.  All styles fasten over the diaper with hook and loop closures.  The regular Kushies diaper cover is made from durable polyester backed vinyl.  The Kushies Taffeta diaper is lightweight and is made from nylon coated polyurethane.  This comes in bold prints with a taffeta trim as well as more modern prints.  Kushies diaper covers are priced under $8 when most diaper wraps are priced over $10.  This gives the mom looking for bold and cute prints an inexpensive option. 

Kushies are known for their swim diapers.  They have the diaper only version that attaches with hook and loop closures and a tie in the front.  They also offer a girl’s version where the front of the swim diaper comes up and ties at the child’s neck to look like a swimsuit.  These come in Kushies great selection of prints at an affordable price.

If you are looking to save money and yet still want a durable and cute cloth diapering option, give Kushies a look.  It just may be what you are looking for. Thanks Mama offers a wide selection of Kushies products.  

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Carrier Love

There are many different baby carriers on the market, but only a few have captured my child’s heart.  The Ergo Baby Carrier and the Moby Wrap are two carriers that have had a major role in my household.

Before my second child turned two I was introduced to the Ergo Baby Carrier.  I had been using a sling style carrier for awhile.  My son was big for his age and getting quite heavy.  When I first used the Ergo I was amazed at how well it spread the weight around my back, hips, and shoulders.  My son took to it quite well too.  I would put him in the Ergo carrier for naps and when we were out and about.   Now that same Ergo carrier has another resident.  My daughter loves snuggling in and folding her hands up against my back and drifting off to sleep.  Once she goes to sleep I pull the sleeping hood over her head and attach it in the front so her little head is secure.  I like using the Ergo carrier for naps because my toddler sleeps sounder and I can move around and get things done.  After a few challenging practice sessions I was able to put my toddler on my back without help.    

Before my daughter met the Ergo carrier she had a first love – her Moby Wrap.  I introduced my daughter to the Moby Wrap the first few weeks of her life.  It took a little practice to get used to how I was supposed to tie the carrier, but once I had the hang of it I could do it with my eyes closed.  My daughter loved her Moby Wrap.  She would snuggle in and sleep for hours.  The Moby Wrap t-shirt like material hugged my baby and kept her secure.  I liked being able to bring the material down and cover her legs so her whole body was secure.  I pretty much used the Moby Wrap as a mobile bed.  Wherever I went my baby could snuggle into a familiar place and go to sleep. 

I highly recommend the Moby Wrap.  It is an amazing infant baby carrier.  I wish I had used it when my two older children were small.  The Ergo Carrier, dubbed “backpack” in our house, is a necessity.  It especially is a great choice when your baby or toddler starts getting larger.  The Ergo carrier does live up to it’s name.  Whatever you decide, enjoy your snuggling time with your little ones.

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